Tolec’s ‘Deep Disclosure’ Segment 2 (Updated) [video]

Update: March 9, 2018 2:50 pm – Now that I’ve listened all the way through, I wanted to share a couple of things. This is “deeper” than the last segment, and these folks are one of David Wilcock’s sources for much of his information. They also met and approached Corey Goode and offered to work with him, but he did not respond to their offer. Interesting.

I would say this is a “must listen” discussion. The amount of intel dropped is astounding and there is much confirmation here of what we’ve heard about many topics previously. Fortunately, these two will be back for another segment in two weeks, which I will share here at the Captain’s Blog.

Tolec sent me the link to his follow-up video discussion with insiders “M” and Ms M” last night and while I haven’t yet been able to listen I wanted to share it as Segment 1 was very popular and I really enjoyed it.

Thanks to you three, Tolec, for getting together again to shed some light and encouragement on the situation.  ~ CB

Published on Mar 8, 2018

M -&- MsM have asked me to tell any of you who might be interested: “We will have an assistance program that will help people get a plan together. Everything is staged or phased. Programs will roll-out … as fast as possible.”

20 thoughts on “Tolec’s ‘Deep Disclosure’ Segment 2 (Updated) [video]

  1. Tolec said that he had spoken to David Wilcock for three hours. With all due respect, I don’t think this qualifies as Wilcock getting “much” of his information from him. Wilcock says he has many sources of information. That being said, I have listened to this video, Deep Disclosure Part 2, twice and found it very interesting.

  2. I’m VERY curious about WHAT these so-called “Time Travelers” saw when they travelled back to Egypt, more to the point WHAT Race of beings did they SEE???
    Please address the REAL TRUTH about our ancient history, because there is LOADS of info being EXPOSED about this all over you tube…WHERE did humanity BIRTH from on this planet???
    This is iMPORTANT to know, because MOST of this world’s wealth was STOLEN, from earlier civilizations.
    What of this???

  3. I absolutely love your message. I’ve similar from Kryon and from John Vanekern. It’s all confirmation for my heart and ears. I love learning and somehow need to learn more.
    Boni Irwin

  4. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d definitely donate to this brilliant blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to new updates and will share this site with my Facebook group. Chat soon!

    1. There is a donate button at the bottom of the page in the footer, Rosendo. Thanks for sharing the blog.

    1. Wow… memories of all my flowers in Canada. It is spring… the time of great renewal… the return of the light… the warmth… and time spent outdoors under the sun. And flowers. Thanks, Lisa.

  5. Oh, well, thanks for the invite to your new home away from home. Nice choice of colors for the walls and a good job done on your selection of places to sit comfortably while absorbing both comforting and terrible reports. And then there’s the garden you just planted…this should be a lovely place to get started on rising to a higher level of existence, altogether now!


    I’m truly astounded here! What could be the implications of this? Which side is healthier to be in?
    The right hand side seems more yang compressed, the left seems more expanded yin
    Which side helps more Qi etheric energy to be brought into the body? Doing the downward Qi mental pulling down exercise there might be very powerful bringing loads more Qi into the body helping reset the etheric body, help with our DNA and telomeres and body rejuvenation and much more!
    Its quite obvious to me now up on Solar Warden and in other SSP secret projects they must have anti aging Qi machines you can step into.
    Ive taken another Red Pill.
    This is no optical illusion. No camera tricks. Visitors shrink and grow as they change places on a level platform. Fun at Montana Vortex!

  7. Thank you all for validation of what we are experiencing and intuiting. We’re from Dolores Cannon’s First Wave of Volunteers, battered and wind-blown but indomitable. What an astonishing story we are all weaving together. On we go and with love to you all.. Fiona and Mark, Intention One Earth Foundation, Australia.

  8. Hi,
    I am very exacted to learn that they are people who are working hard to change unfair and corrupted societies. starting from small changes is a good choice, since the small changes do not create dangerous vacuums and discontinuous in society.
    One of suggested small changes could be reforming US Securities and Exchange Commission, who is currently acting as a protege of richest, preventing small capital owner, who might as well be just a hard working person who happened to inherit some larger sum of money from relative, to invest more than pathetic 2 or 5,000.00 US $ in, so called, funds with lucrative portfolios, that ejects 12-14% yearly interest. The condition for investing in lucrative portfolios, such as building of senior housing, low and medium income housing, business and other lucrative rentals, etc… are reserved for those who more than three years earn 300,000.00 + have a 1,000,000,00 in real assets. From the prospective of funds – money is money, regardless who brings it in. I understand that there must be a limit on fund investments. But the opportunity should be given per “first come – first served” bases, and the investment limit should be applied equally to everyone. I wrote a letter to my house representative, Senator Lance, complaining to this discrimination. I never got any response from him. I also asked him a question: how is this protectionism of the richest different from the protectionism of the ruling class in ex communistic countries , that this political regime and it’s media clowns were ganging up as a part of their everyday routine ? I never heard response on that question as well.
    If the US Securities and Exchange Commission cannot be reformed to include all investors regardless their social background, and if it cannot treat them equally, it should be brought down. Or, more precisely said, it’s chair executives should be brought down. That way, you will achieve your goal to keep the economic system, maintain peaceful transition, and make the better society at the same time. Because, lets face the truth – we are all dreading from the revolutionary chaos and associated traumas.
    I would be interested one day in the future to join your funding projects, but from investor side. If masonic brotherhood can have their funds with lucrative portfolios for senior housing , why we couldn’t have our funds for senior housing that is government backed and funded, and put the masonic brotherhood out on the competition battle field. With a good building contractors and land, and association managers, and I am sure we can offer cheap and quality senior housing. More fair and competent anyway than that they can.

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