The “META Files”; Exclusive Interviews with the Newest Dark Fleet Insider [videos + transcript]

After these interviews, “official disclosure” from Trump, Putin, or anyone else will almost be a non-event. Just sayin’. In fact, we may be able to tell them a thing or two because the “META Files” should go viral.

I don’t know the name of the interviewer because he is keeping a low profile, but he’s a really nice young man and does a super job, with minimal interruptions. Questions for META from the chat are excellent, too, so thank you, whoever you are, and kudos to you both for bringing this information to the public.

Don’t let the initial Spanish in the beginning of the videos throw you—it’s all in fluent English AND, as he says, he spent his weekends creating transcripts! for these 90 minute+ videos.

Now that’s a labour of love, and I provided links to the transcripts below each video where you will find them at his blog. The Spanish is for the listeners he is doing a live translation for so they know what’s going on when Skype interruptions happen.

A huge thank you on behalf of my Starship and Captain’s Blog readers who have hearing issues, or don’t have the time to listen to the audios. I recommend listening, however, because the voice contains the personality and sincerity of META.

You know the censorship on YouTube is heavy when you put a link to a specific video in the search box and it loads all kinds of other unrelated crap (like Taylor Swift) above it and you have to scroll down to find what you searched for.

From META, a Dark Fleet recruit of nearly twenty years, we learn about The Event, Antarctica, positive and negative ETs, mind-blowing “special abilities”, the Minnesota “meteor”, the effect of meditation on the Compression Breakthrough, the RV/GCR, what time travelers can and can’t do to change timelines, and so many things we didn’t even know we wanted to know.

META said some of the ships in the video game, “Elite Dangerous Horizons” are very similar to the craft he saw in the Dark Fleet. Interesting name for the game.

My jaw was on the floor for these discussions because there is so much confirmation of what we’ve been hearing for years and we’ll never see our fake reality the same again. You will also find META’s information validates things you weren’t sure about because of all the disinformation on the Internet.

Because of his ability to astral project, he visited Atlantis, Mu, and Lemuria. He gives a chilling account of how similar the final status of Atlantis was to our situation today on Earth, what happened, and why we have to turn things around NOW. History must not repeat.

Best of all, it’s not a downer kind of disclosure. META assures us The Event and our liberation, are very close. He has been in the presence of Light Beings and knows the power of the forces here to dismantle the dark.

(Now that I am into the third video, I must revise the above because META says he has consulted with his SSP friends and he agrees he needs to speak of the darker side. For example, he says if someone went off the reservation and was insubordinate and not a candidate for rehabilitation even after torture, they would simply “space” them, which is throwing them out of a ship like jetsam.)

We live in a free-will Universe, and META had a choice. He could do the bidding of the dark ones who recruited and trained him to use his abilities against the Light, or he could work for the Light.

Fortunately for us, he chose the latter. When the dark ones finally realized he had betrayed them, they age-regressed and mind-wiped him and sent him back to Earth. He explains why they didn’t kill him and how he got his memories back.

The only negative aspect so far is my rekindled resentment for what the controllers have stolen from us. They stole our passport to the stars and our ability to mingle with other races. They kept us mental and spiritual babies, but this exchange with META is what I would call a healthy dose of reality. We’re going to the stars, baby—and soon!

If you want disclosure, it’s right here, and there are 5 parts to the “META files”. This is deeper than the X-Files, or anywhere else we’ve gone, and real experience from a portaling time traveler who has been assisted by the Resistance Movement (Cobra’s Resistance) who helped him regain his memories, and he not only confirms the blogosphere rumours about space/time travel, he tells us about working with many Extraterrestrial races, how the Secret Space Program trains recruits, missions they send them to Earth to perform, special abilities and the suits that enhance or subdue them—I’ll have to stop there because I am doing these interviews a tremendous injustice if I try to summarize. They are ALL over the map and it’s riveting.

Is he qualified? This guy shocked the SSP trainers when he created his OWN portals and spontaneously disappeared, and was able to “freeze” everyone in the room, and on the entire ship. When they scouted him out to study and train, they knew he was gifted but they had no idea of the extent of  his powers and how they would develop over time. He scared them.

Moment to moment, you will be unprepared for where the discussions lead next. I wanted to marathon but didn’t come upon this series made in January/February of this year until late afternoon yesterday and I’m only finished with the first two videos. I can’t wait to get back to them so without further ado, here they are, all five. Strap yourselves in, we’re going deep.  ~ CB

Transcript for Video 1

Transcript for Video 2

Apparently this subject matter was not popular and there were some technical difficulties in the beginning of the third video. They don’t want META disclosing the dark side of the Dark Fleet. Cobra told us we will have FULL Disclosure, and we shall.

Transcript for Video 3

Transcript for Video 4

Transcript for Video 5

20 thoughts on “The “META Files”; Exclusive Interviews with the Newest Dark Fleet Insider [videos + transcript]

  1. Wow! Excellent new Spacecraft!
    Officer Adamspiritualwarrior reporting for duty, requesting permission to come aboard Captain!

    Mindblowing new post as well. I just had to email this line on to people!

    ”Is he qualified? This guy shocked the SSP trainers when he created his OWN portals and spontaneously disappeared, and was able to “freeze” everyone in the room, and on the entire ship. When they scouted him out to study and train, they knew he was gifted but they had no idea of the extent of his powers and how they would develop over time. He scared them ”

  2. Alright check it
    Let me tell you this in closing
    I know we might seem imposing
    But trust me, if we ever show in your section
    Believe me, it’s for your own protection
    ‘Cause we see things that you need not see
    And we be places that you need not be
    So go on with your life
    Forget that Roswell crap
    Show love to the black suit, cause
    That’s the Men In…
    That’s the Men In…

    Now, From the deepest of the darkest night
    On the horizon, bright light enters sight tight
    Cameras zoom, on the impending doom
    But then like BOOM black suits fill the room up
    With the quickness, talk with the witnesses
    Hypnotizer, neuralizer
    Vivid memories turn to fantasies

    We’re your first, last and only line of defense
    Against the worst scum of the universe
    So don’t fear us, cheer us
    If you ever get near us, don’t jeer us, we’re fearless
    MIB’s freezin’ up all the flack
    What’s that stand for? Men In Black

  3. “Solar Warden is a race that has had extensive knowledge and experience on how to operate outside of the physical body, and utilize advanced technology to operate in space or the atmosphere.” comment cont’d

    If the stargates are opened before the infection is cleared people will connect with the underworld

    1. Is there a way to prepare yourself to move in the right direction? Advice for those who don’t know meditation, mental or physical blocks, etc. Will others come to assist us? How do we know who is actually helping versus deceiving us? What can we do to avoid these?

      1. The journey is an individual one, Karen, and we need to move in whatever direction we feel personally guided to learn to meditate, ground and centre, connect to Source, establish a line of communication and trust with our personal guides, etc. Cobra has shared information about this, as has Thomas Williams, and META discussed some of this at length in the final interview of the META Files that I shared this past weekend. There are plenty of good books about developing our gifts and taking responsibility for using them. Since Adoninas provided transcripts, you might want to take a look at the resources he mentioned.

  4. Can’t wait for 3-11-2018 to finally start, including all the way to the finish line! Thank you Trump!

  5. Different dimension timeshares. Run by secret groups with advanced technology. Very interesting: is he saying there are different dimensions between different American states?
    Mar C‏

    @aug_tellez I travel between CA and AZ quite often. The border is weird, the sky and desert change, the mountains are crazy, and the vibes between the two are palpably different. You’ve mentioned, briefly, in the past about why this is so. I’m hoping it is time to share more. ♡
    7:31 PM – 14 Feb 2018

    Aug Tellez
    Feb 14
    Replying to @MarC46706930
    Different dimension timeshares. Run by secret groups with advanced technology

    1. @Aug tellez
      RE: differing dimensions/states
      have you been around the 4 corners , eastern AZ or Western NM , to Taos , Santa Fe area ??? Absolutely…I noticed 40 years ago. All natives know it, too…it’s getting crazy as someone recently reported to me…could be driving in and out of differing timelines/dimensions.

      1. Hi. I haven’t. I travelled to Los Angeles and Las Vegas as a child in 1979 or 80 approx. Didn’t perceive anything as a 5 yr old, We stayed in the Tropicana hotel and a huge desert expanse with a petrol station was outsde my window. Cant remember the name of the petrol station but I remember its logo. I was startled to see in 1998 when I returned on holiday and was outside the Tropicana and petrol station, The huge city that had happened over the desert, However this is quite irrelevant to out discussion, apologies.
        Ive not explored this area of America. Sedona sems to be a powerful interdimensional vortex point id like to visit. Ive taken a whole new Red Pill in 2018 compard to the one in 2013 I took, after seeing the Montana Vortex point, things are seriously freaky

        In response to your comment, my minds pretty blown away. Yet again.
        Im BLOWN AWAY that it seems that, not only are there didfferent ras of the surface of this earth are different dimensions timelines, WHether these are natural stargate portal areas or artificial high technology advanced factions administering certain areas of this earth where its advanced technology. Its mindblowing regardless.
        Not only this.
        Im astounded that it seems, the physical going from point A to point B on this earth even if its going DOWNWARDS into the earth. Going DOWN into a deep undergoround base is actually into another dimension. Possibly the Underworld. Also, the North Pole which i sesne is a very special place, There is a higher civilisation Poral there too.
        Antarctica might be the lower Underworld. My minds pretty blown to say more at this point of our Portal Stargate frequency multidimsjional existence. But i sense NASA, are a bunch of coveering up Scottish Rite Freemason Liars and i dont trust them, whtever ”Truth” model of the universe solar system theyre pushing. I dont trust NASA at all. I think were in a dimensional plane, and everythings dimensions, and there are factions with advanced technology , and there are interdimesnional portals that go in nd out of this Earth Plane ,

        But the NASA spinning ball gravity water clinging to it space is a vacuum empty massive void. I have PROBLEMS WITH. I think it ight be BS lies. And the lack of a 6 mile Horizon at sea level indicates this.

  6. Hey Molly take a look at this interesting snippet of intel. About chakras and they are blocking implants and make us unable to manifest our own portals. I thought of this META you posted, he could manifest them if I remember and could suspend the entire ship etc. If you get time read the other chakra comments too. Eyeopening! X

    ”I believe chakras became enforced only after we were tricked and deceived into accepting them. We were told one thing and given another, typical. In addition, I believe these false parasitic overlays must be removed if U choose to transition into the next level of our human evolution. This chakra system hijacks our ability to manifest portals not to mention its just a high tech tracking/modulation device. It keeps us entangled in this false system and prevents us from creating true intentional manifestations. The goal is not to master this overlay the goal should be to remember how to master our HEART. In doing so , we become masters of transmutation. Which, I think is really cool.”

    Heres a good song BTW for Captains Blog readers

  7. thanks Molly I have not seen video no. 5. I stopped at 4 last year. this poor woman was also forced to work for the dark nazzi fleet from early as 4 years old. says they speak only german on their ships and their uniforms look like the old black SS from 1940. 20 years and back. she is one of many of our children they have kidnapped and ruined their lives.

    1. Thanks, jeanette. I guess that is why Thomas Williams refers to that particular secret space program as the SSp. Good to know.

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