Patriotic Pastime for Your Next Trip | Collectible Q-Cards

Love it! Talk about a sign of the times; a deck of QAnon cards you can collect over time. This is brill, and a beautifully illustrated part of America’s most exciting and inspirational (R)evolutionary period ever. The game that’s not a game.

Next time you go on a road trip you can give the kids a history lesson or reminisce about old times while flipping through your deck with quotes from QAnon crumbs or DJT on every card.

Thanks to Stillness in the Storm for sharing this story. I recommend you sashay over to Justin’s place and see all the cards he’s featuring there. They’re priceless and I predict will be wildly popular in American culture for some time to come.

Dare I say this concept could be a gold mine for the creator—or a fabulously patriotic way to channel some money and support very quickly where it’s most needed—like the Veterans, for example?  Let’s get em’ into production. If we’re not careful, they just might melt the frozen hearts of a few snowflakes.  ~ CB

The Swamp card

Traitors Qcard

One thought on “Patriotic Pastime for Your Next Trip | Collectible Q-Cards

  1. Where & when can I buy a set of these cards? Can the artist please retire to his studio and start creating the rest of the pack?

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