Skeletons & Pirates in the Internet Swamp

The bilge pumps are running full tilt, draining the swamp and flooding America with Truth. Watch out for flying jetsam!

If you’re not aware, Michael McKibben, founder, and his team at Leader Technologies spent nearly five years creating the code for social media groupware from scratch. They were going to use it for the benefit of the People, but it was stolen—like so many other patents—weaponized, and used against us.

Mark Zuckerberg did NOT create Facebook code in a matter of hours and megalopolies are not going to run the world. We’re shutting them down for illegal activities.

Thanks to American Intelligence Media / AIM4Truth for the meme. Their video interviews with Michael McKibben are most enlightening and inspiring.

Michael McKibben

5 thoughts on “Skeletons & Pirates in the Internet Swamp

  1. Windows 10 taking over computers

    ”FYI, it took me five hours yesterday to clean this mess up. Here’s how bad it is.

    You wanted to Skype, so I secured a clean machine to install it.
    On my machine, I have every backdoor (that I know of) deleted, blocked and disabled on Windows 10
    I have disabled telemetry in the Registry
    I have disabled Windows Updates in the Services and the Registry
    And yet, when I merely went to the Skype Internet website (invented in Tallinn, Estonia and now owned now by Microsoft) to read about the download with my other machine, Windows secretly loaded over 300MB of Windows Upgrade/Update files and automatically started installing it without my permission. At about 25% installed it popped up a window that told me not to turn off my machine or disconnect from the Internet, sit back and relax, and they would let me know when they had “Restored” my machine for future Windows Updates!!! Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.
    No doubt just going to the Skype webpage triggered the takeover. Malware conduct from the “trusted” Microsoft.
    It disabled my ability to login as Administrator to my own machine
    It disabled my ability to edit the Registry, etc.
    The left coast technology providers have become MONSTERS against the Constitutional protections of security and privacy.”

  2. The same dam thing happened to me yesterday when I was closing my machine (Win 7 pro.) a small window came up telling me ‘not to turn off, or disconnect from the internet’ that my machine was being updated with Windows Updates, and it also was 25% complete, as I had no knowledge of any new updates to be downloaded, so I immediately killed it. So far it has not come back. Could you please tell me how to check my machine, or any other machine for newly installed BDs, or any existing back doors in place. Thank you in advance for your time, sincerely welcomed fix.

    1. I’m a techno-weenie, saucernut2. I can barely turn on my PC and run my blogs so I feel for ya. When in doubt, turn it off, is my motto.

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