Unexplained Phenomena Continue [videos]

A number of interesting events have taken place in the past week. There’ve been lights, loud noises, projectiles, rumbling ground, and perhaps leakage.

All you need for a snapshot of the Earth changes taking place is to scan the videos from MrMBB333 on YouTube. The water on our planet is moving around big time. Many bodies of water are draining and leaving only earth, while extraordinary waves and tides are flooding other areas, and there was much sloshing around.

Major rain seems to be a possibility for Hawaii and we’ve had some lovely sprinkles here in the last 18 hours. We will intend for moderation in the islands this week.

We shared this next video a few weeks ago and if I’m not mistaken, META told us this is plasma bleed-through from another realm.

Meteorologists will try to explain odd light and clouds, but that doesn’t mean they’re correct. Our world is changing, and as our journey progresses we can expect to see many more unusual and beautiful phenomena as the Light increases and the dark is vanquished.

We are learning that what we once believed was impossible—isn’t. It was all a lie.

Humanity is traveling new roads to new destinations and seeing scenery we’ve never witnessed before, so we can’t expect to explain it with old terminology or shove it into old boxes. We need to see with new eyes.

Some day I’d like to know the story of that rock in the image at the top of this page that traveled in that path across the mud of Death Valley, California.



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