Jaw-Dropping Scenery in Our Skies [videos]

I never expected to see footage like this on my journey. It’s irrefutable, yet the media never mentions it.

This first video is really something, with the glaring, blurry sun and hard edges on the clouds with a right angle which never happens in nature.

The second video below blew me completely away. Automated Federal Aviation Administration weather cameras are catching these “things” when no one is around, as are others. You can clearly see the sun simulator in action. To me, this is news.

Following are two late day shots from my yard in the east valley near Phoenix, Arizona on March 21 and 23rd, respectively. Today, the 24th, the sky is solid gray and it’s super windy.

In this first photo, note the same blurry sun, iridescent rainbow hues and HAARP “ribbed clouds” and they’re STILL spraying new chemtrails.

This was 6:30 pm as the sun was setting behind the hill. Still not enough chemtrails as multiple planes swoop in to leave more.

Just as I was preparing this post someone sent me the video below. Priceless! Thanks, L.  I have seen fresh chemtrails drift in front of the moon.  ~ CB

5 thoughts on “Jaw-Dropping Scenery in Our Skies [videos]

  1. There is a video on YT related to chemtrails in which they show the dashboard (console?) of a plane cockpit, and on it, there is a section showing wind measurements, fuel quantity in both the left and right engines, and at the bottom of the screen, CHEM-TRAIL_GEN_-_ON <–that is exactly how it's displayed. While the person is recording this, he's speaking with one of the pilots, who is German, I think, and the pilot is saying how the subject of chemtrails is controversial. I only mention that he might be German because all of the American pilots flat out denied knowing even of the existence of the subject, while the non-US person at least admitted to having heard of it.

    I got to this video after watching a different video by a woman in the Virginia-area of the US documenting how she spoke to pilots, EPA officials, etc., who all claimed that what we see are contrails, and that chemtrails don't exist. They stonewalled her.

    I took a screen shot of the dashboard/console screen but I don't know how to upload it here, and I don't have the title of the video. BUT — my point is — it was right there in black and white (black screen, white letters). And this was a commercial flight! Imagine being on a flight, traveling to see your loved ones, while your plane is dumping chemicals into the sky right under your nose. Disgusting.

    1. I saw that clip, Jen. You’re right—it was right there on the console. Plenty of people know about this who won’t admit it because they know it’s criminal behaviour and perhaps they would be out of a job or worse if they spoke of it. The deep state makes everyone sign non-disclosure agreements.

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