Floating City Over Africa, Sky Noises and Off-World Entity Visits [video]

Life on Earth/Terra is so much more interesting than we’ve ever been allowed to know “officially”.

After listening to M and Ms M share the information they wanted to get out via Tolec’s Deep Disclosure series, we now know why our skies changed, planets are being hidden, we have a “sun simulator”, and stars appear to be in new locations, etc.

It seems Earth moved—or rather—our protectors moved Earth.

While some of those prophecies about asteroids and floods would probably have come to pass had we been left where we were, we are safe now. We don’t need to worry about the asteroid belt, either.

The videos about how the East coast of the United States will be destroyed in a massive tidal wave and how an asteroid will eradicate nearly all life on the planet can go into the YouTube dust bin. Ain’t gonna happen.

This older video below from 2015 popped up from MrMBB which provides some additional information about events and facts that weren’t common knowledge and were purposely suppressed.

Of course those El-ites who run the planet know all about the extraterrestrials who actually live here and have for millennia, and have tried to summon their gods to help them regain control of Earth, but the Light Forces have other ideas.

In her conversation with Tolec, Ms. M revealed that this “Marduk” entity was destroyed. Perhaps that’s why we were told that the Presidents and dignitaries who journeyed to Africa to meet with Marduk were disappointed when their god Marduk was a no-show. Many reptilians have been removed unceremoniously from our planet over the past few years and the goal is to remove all offending parties not friendly to the Galactic Confederation of Light and Humanity.

In the interim, the various factions vying for the ultimate domination of this realm are fighting amongst themselves, all the while trying to carry on their battles surreptitiously so as not to tip off the Humans.

While many Earthlings carry on unaware, some of us know we’ve been deceived and manipulated and we see and hear things that are out of sync with the world we once believed we lived in. The puzzle pieces are rapidly falling into place and we are seeing our world with new and wiser eyes.

These odd and frequent rocket launches from multiple countries—included Elon Musk’s bizarre Tesla car trick—all tip us off that things are not what they seem and agendas are unfolding.

SpaceX launched another Falcon 9 rocket on Friday, March 30th—it’s mission to place 10 more satellites in orbit. How many hundreds of satellites do we need up there? The goal: a constellation of 75 Iridium Next satellites. We don’t believe everything we read. There are clearly things going on over our heads that no one wants us to know.

I can’t wait to see (or hear) what’s around the next corner.  ~ CB

Published on May 20, 2015

Something big is going on or is getting ready to. I have made some interesting observations here and wanted to share a story from a man who told me a ‘city’ was in his words “screaming towards earth” back in 2008! The man has known about this since the early 1950’s!! It could be here….NOW!

3 thoughts on “Floating City Over Africa, Sky Noises and Off-World Entity Visits [video]

  1. Great writing too btw!
    Written gently at first, drawing in the peoples interest I sent that email onto. And building and building in an interesting spiral pathway sprinkling more and more Truths and the readers’ minds getting expanded and awakened in a gentle Trojan horse way that’s not too threatening for them. And good words chosen for the title as well. All this captures the attention of people in their inboxes so they don’t delete and begin reading. Very good.

    This is certainly an Information War and battleground are peoples’ minds. The Tavistock Institute since the early 1900s has been a major troublemaker doing this as AIM4Truth showed today. Thomas /Douglas Gabriel is on fire too lets send protective thoughts and prayers for Tyla too the two of them

  2. Glad to find you with my phone. Don’t know how to bookmark. Will sign up for newsletter. Hopefully, you still have the videos removed by YouTube.
    Much appreciation for your mission.

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