Frequency Armageddon for Body and Mind | David Icke [video]

The “totalitarian tip-toe”, as Icke refers to it, is now at a gallop. To entice unwary people to embrace the treacherous 5G technology, they are hitting folks where they feel it most—in their wallet—making offers they can’t refuse.

My mother in Ontario, Canada tells me Bell (of Bell Telephone fame) is offering people $70 off their insane current Cogeco rate ($170/mo) to switch to 5G with Bell.

Not to be outdone and to ensure they fleece their clients to the max, Cogeco promises a $75 disconnection fee. Is that even legal? I haven’t read the terms but that’s dirty pool.

If these greedy oligarchs are permitted to continue their rollout of the 5G network, they will be jamming our corporeal electromagnetic frequencies and there’s no telling what chaos would ensue.

It must be stopped. ~ CB

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