Simon Parkes on the Mantid Agenda| Project Camelot [video]

Once again, Simon brings us fascinating information about non-Human races interacting with is in various ways.

Part of this discussion appears to be in response to a recently published remote viewing session involving extraterrestrials. They examine a few images of the Mantid versus the Insectoid and discuss the differences in appearance and agenda.

Simon reports that the Mantids or Mantis beings are not “extraterrestrial” as they have been living on Earth for a very long time. When we ascend or advance to 5D, so do they, and they are all in and helping where they can.

They also discuss other current events from Simon’s perspective, such as Antarctica and the thrust to dethrone the El-ites and free Humanity.

Kerry quickly devised a workaround to the not surprising interference and technical difficulties and pushed through a psychic attack. Kudos, Kerry.  The show must go on.  ~ CB

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