Tamarinda and the Agarthan Spirits

history rootsA people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.  ~ Marcus Garvey

While we’ve been conditioned to believe that only Humans like us reside on Planet Earth/Terra, nothing could be further from the truth.

If we were to seek it, we would find a plethora of paradigm-shifting information indicating that there currently are and have been many different races of “extraterrestrials” living amongst us for a very long time.

Suffice it to say that the path of Humanity didn’t take the best of turns under the control and manipulation of some warlike, predatory creatures who decided they would plunder Terra and the Beings living here. As a result, the more developed races hid from the surface population and keep to themselves.

The author of this fascinating article says it…

…focuses on spirituality as it has been taught for centuries by Tibetan lamas and ends dramatically with facts involved in the 2003 discovery of ultra high technology 50,000 years old deeply embedded inside a mountain in the Bucegi highlands of Romania and the subsequent suppression of those events by Deep State perpetrators.

My review details the intention of a long suspected and populous Inner Earth society, the Agarthans, to reunite with surface level humanity during the next seven years to fulfill an ancient Oriental prophecy.

When I learned a few years ago of the exciting discoveries within the Bucegi Mountain complex of Romania, my imagination took flight. You may wish to read my earlier posts about that here and here.

We are constantly reminded that fiction and myths are rooted in truth and actual events—and to many of us it seems the truth is really “out there”, when in reality, the world we consider the real one is manufactured and traps us, stunting our growth and keeping us small.

If you thought history was interesting before… wait until you learn the truth—after the controllers have been removed and the press is free, the books are rewritten and new movies made depicting actual events, rather than those contrived to hide who and what WE are.

This intriguing article is a good start to set the records straight and it’s long and thorough so you may want to bookmark it and read it over the weekend or as time allows. I warn you though—I consider it to be in the category of “unputdownable”!

Thank you, Rob, for submitting this outstanding evidence of a suppressed world and a contrived reality. Earth’s history is glorious indeed, and what’s happening as the pages of our calendars turn now is monumental and will set us on a true course to the knowledge and the celebration! of who we are. First Contact is within our grasp.  ~ CB

Update June 2, 2018: Rob Wold, the author, brings us an update on the next meeting of this group in America:

Peter Moon of Sky Books is about to publish yet another translation [from the Romanian language version] of the series of books on this subject written by Radu Cinamar under the title “The Second Tunnel’ with a sneak preview coming my way shortly. Also, the Maassens will be making a return visit to Long Island September 23rd, 2018.

For information or tickets, which are limited, please first contact Paula Maassen paula.cosofret@yahoo.com phone # 516 507 8962. Alternate contact info: shantideus@yahoo.com

Please attend if you can. You will find this presentation and its magic as life changing as Federico Fellini must have been equally inspired.

bucegi mountain sphinx
Bucegi Mountain Sphinx, Romania

Tamarinda and the Agarthan Spirits

by Rob Wold

With reverence for Tibetan wisdom practiced since the distant past, a deep concern for present conditions burdening humanity and astonishing prophecies, the Agartha—Inner Earth Symposium held in Garden City, Long Island was a remarkable learning experience.

Hosted by organizer Sandra Sabatini of Louisville, Kentucky during late August, 2017, additional support for the presentations came with related material contributed by New York author and publisher Peter Moon. A Skype visit by time modification scientist Dr. David Anderson spoke on that topic, while Montauk Project experiencer Duncan Cameron bought people up to date.

What is Agartha? Many aspects of the fabled story of Agartha were revealed by key presenter Tamarina Maassen, the woman who is followed in Romania as an emissary of Agartha. The Maassen family is a large family today, and they have had a historic role in acting as the Knights of Agartha who are described as “…impeccable, truthful, brave people who are defenders of divine consciousness.”

After the flight from Bucarest to JFK, Ms. Maassen and her family companion Teodor were asked if Europeans were more aware than Americans on the topic of extraterrestrial visitation and the interstellar conflict now being waged nearby and on Earth They responded agreeably right away: Americans have a ways to go before the truth makes impact in the United States.

In Romania, as an ambassador of Agartha, Tamarinda maintains that position with teaching work devoted to presenting Tibetan spirituality based on emphasizing the true nature of reality. She’s a straight shooter about it, one who conducts the lectures with a pleasant, animated style, with even the most difficult scientific passages capably translated from Romanian to English by her assistant Teodor Maassen. The fundamentals of spiritual traditions practiced in Tibet are often convincingly supported with diagrams, while they occasionally provide indications about what life is like in Agartha—the ancient, storied land that a growing number of recent investigations indicate does indeed exist as an active, major population located in a still secret subterranean setting…yet perhaps not much longer.

Tamarinda Maassen

Elegantly dressed, Tamarinda’s presentation began with making a special welcome to each guest.

Standing nearby each seated attendee, she looked intently into their eyes and created a conspicuous telepathic connection. One person recalled his experience by saying that it was “…as if she was looking deep into my being.” When he replied to her by thought that he had come all the way to New York to help, Tamarinda gently nodded back. In this captivating way, she visited each member of what was a smart, well-informed and inspired audience of 150 who had come to Long Island from all reaches of Earth.

The Symposium topics highlighted here include only a few of the many startling statements made and just three of the dozens of diagrams sketched. Some truly eye-opening slides were shown, yet, for discrete reasons, none are pictured here. Some who are hearing Tibetan influenced concepts for the first time may experience some teachings as a shock. Some of them are intended to challenge and stretch, or certainly reverse, the often limited, rationally controlled methods of Western thinking.

Without giving an actual location for Agartha, Ms. Maassen did state that it is “not a place, as much as it is an ancient space.” To reach Inner Earth, she elaborated “you have to cross over from this reality,” but only after one grasps the basics on how to assume a higher level of consciousness. Ultimately, Tamarinda told listeners, Agartha is a gateway to another world. “Great gods were once involved in the experiment here on Earth,” she explained, “and, found within Earth, is an area originally created by both demons and gods as a playground for us.”

Shambala is name of Agartha’s capitol, a central city which is a paradise, “a plane of peace,” she informed everyone. “ ’Sham’ means ‘birth.’ ”

Writer Arjun Walia provided a precise overview of Shambala: “Shambhala is a physical place existing within the human realm, but it’s also a spiritual, even supernatural place, which many also believe exists within another dimension.” Highly advanced technologies exist in Agartha and they manifest their food. Life is mostly a sacred, spiritual experience there. “Sacred means it holds and protects the holy, primordial essence of everything,” Tamarinda emphasized. “Jesus was in Agartha” she testified, “he went to learn and this became a part of his transfiguration.”

She also noted the existence of another place in Agartha named Solomonari, the place in Inner Earth that King Solomon was named after. In Romania, the term Solomonari is also applied to a class of beggars or shepherds, both of whom are held in respect. “All planets have hollow spaces,” she instructed, “unless they were created for other purposes.” Indeed, the geological conditions that allowed for making many hallowed out areas under Earth are explainable and examples of these are found in the great caves found all over our planet. As the planet’s molten upper surface mantle heaved up into mountainous regions, large recesses formed underneath as the materials cooled off and molded into huge, ‘honeycomb’ like caverns. This description only sums up a much more complex geological process.

During speaker Duncan Cameron’s storytelling session later in the conference, he noted that the Mammoth Caves in Kentucky were once an entryway to Agartha. This subterranean complex has been calculated to be 348 miles long. [Duncan’s background includes being a very young participant in the illegal time travel experiments of the Montauk Project. Other technicians who say they worked on this ill-fated operation have also claimed that these strange experiments took place at the former Montauk military installation located on the easternmost edge of Long Island, New York.] In the deep past, prophets who were aware of these underground sanctuaries and who were, at the same time, deeply respected among those they lived with would forewarn of a coming disaster, be it a natural coming crisis or some conflict involving a war or such.

Enough inhabitants believed these predictions and left their homelands on the surface of Earth before tragedy stuck. The prophets saved their lives—often, along the life of the prophet.

They had been told where to take refuge beneath the planet to gain natural protection. There are many legends of other civilizations that were ravaged by natural disaster or came under fierce military attacks. A good number of these survivors fled underground, too. Research of ancient texts from many past global cultures does indicate that some of those who escaped—groups relatively small in number, took records with them—including a knowledge of high technology.

When we look at the many confirmed areas beneath Earth that are hallowed out, it is conceivable that some were taken over by survivors of these tragedies and were redeveloped with use of the advanced technologies they brought with them. Agartha may be an example of such a civilization that existed in the distant past where castaway inhabitants made the best of conditions of survival by ‘ascending’ into a highly advanced population guided by their own spiritual capabilities.

Since then, we can easily speculate that Inner Earth civilizations watched as newly renewed editions of humanity thrived once again on the surface, only to meet with crisis again, even as subterranean cultures remained untouched by the destructive events, protected—totally unaffected.

Analysis of what Ms. Maassen indicated would be to say that the Agarthan community is taking a much stronger, more proactive stance in dealing with the “surface tensions” in the world above them today. Out of this concern for the consequences of the major, life-threatening conditions erupting among humans on the surface, they may be preparing to diplomatically intervene. Tamarinda is the voice for members of the Agarthan community who are firmly announcing that they would welcome interaction with the surface population to help bring about the material and spiritual changes needed to save the world from yet another extinction event.

Taking a moment to review the background for this, the 3D [3rd dimensional] reality most of us live in is the most dense condition. At the same time, many spiritual teachers say, it’s a grand illusion. As individual and group consciousness increases into the more spiritual realms, beings ascend to a 4th dimensional existence, 4D, shedding some of the attachments to material life and welcoming knowledge that they are on a path back to our common source. In 5th dimensional existence, life takes on an even greater ethereal perspective. Agartha, Ms. Maassen testifies, became a 5th dimension [5D] culture long ago.

Spiritual progress can be uneven. She pointed out that “Most people go up to the 4D, then back to 3D, then 4D and 5D and back. “We punish ourselves—God doesn’t.”

According to reports by credible whistleblowers which began in late 2015, more than a half-dozen Inner Earth cultures formally met, each attendee a representative for their race and they discussed the help required to tame the problems of the surface population. It is possible that Agartha, with a larger population, has taken the greatest interest in establishing relations with surface humanity as an agenda that benefits populations below Earth as well as those on the surface when it comes to the urgent need to liberate Earth from what is now recognized as a predatory form of tyranny?

She stirred the spirit adventure when she reminded everyone about the classic science fiction story Journey To The Center Of The Earth, Jules Verne’s iconic tale of a scientific visit to a world that time forgot. Yet, despite the innermost destination of Verne’s famous adventure, Earth’s core is not likely where lost worlds exist, but there is other evidence that they are located within a few miles of Earth’s surface.

Read the rest of the article…

4 thoughts on “Tamarinda and the Agarthan Spirits

  1. I have read all mr. moons books on this subject and found them very intriguing. one of the tunnels went to the sphinx in Egypt and another to inner earth. according to Pattie
    Brassard the construct in the mountain is guarded by a draco in a human suit. she showed the picture. they can not enter but humans with the right DNA can.


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