Presidential Emergency Alert October 3 on American Cellular Phones [video]

Tomorrow morning in the West, and afternoon in the East, there will be a wireless emergency alert going out to all cellular networks from the FEMA emergency network with a Presidential message.

Stay tuned at 11:18 am Pacific, 2:18 pm EDT Wednesday, October 3 for further instructions, if any apply. The duration is expected to be 30 minutes.

If you are not aware, President Trump proclaimed that September was National Preparedness Month. Due to the unstable nature of the weather, as well as earthquakes, and natural disasters, the President urged everyone to have an emergency plan to deal with unexpected events.

Click this link to: Read the announcement at

Whether folks are required to evacuate due to fires or floods, we are all expected to prepare in advance so we know what we will do and can react quickly to ensure our safety and that of our families and pets.

We may be forced to shelter in place at times, such as during a power outage. This may involve stocking up on storable foods, water, fuel, medications, pet supplies, and cash. If the electricity is off, banks are closed, ATMs don’t work, and so gas pumps and stores may be closed as well.

If you have camp stoves or grills that run on propane you may wish to use them so stock up on fuel. Generators can come in handy, as well as batteries, candles, and emergency radios.

Plan for the worst, expect the best, and look after each other. Be neighbourly, and remain calm. Everything will be alright.  ~ CB

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