America Under Siege: What to Expect, Why You Need to Prepare Now | Mike Adams [videos]

For some odd reason I have lost access to the control panel at Starship Earth and being that it’s Thanksgiving in Canada, I don’t expect Number One to be able to take a look at the comms today so I’ll continue on from our satellite ship in the interim with The Captain’s Blog.

Mike Adams feels it’s important to warn folks that full-blown martial law is a distinct possibility in the near future to enable the positive military to arrest the deep state operatives corrupting America. He wants to clarify what “martial law” is and allay our fears.

It would be a temporary measure only and not intended to inconvenience or endanger civilians. In fact, it would be designed to PROTECT us all while the nasty work is underway.

He urges people to prepare, and to expect the unhinged Leftists to go on the attack, particularly via Soros-funded riots in cities. This scenario is a real possibility and the paid protestors are much more than that and not averse to using violence.

This is one reason we need to stock up on food, water, meds, fuel, pet supplies, cash, and daily necessities. City dwellers in particular may want to shelter in place and avoid leaving their homes for a few days while the criminals are rounded up and any rioting eliminated.

You can read Mike’s update on this situation at the link below and/or watch his video. Both are well done and very comprehensive.

For your safety and convenience, if you live in America you are advised to prepare right away if you have not already; supplies required for two weeks at most, we’re told.

At the link below Mike has several videos from his original post explaining what is unfolding. We all need to remain calm and perform our due diligence and not interfere with the arrests when they do begin.

We don’t know when the next step of this process may launch, but it could be any day now.

If you missed it, on August 31, the President declared September “National Preparedness Month”, and it wasn’t all about hurricanes and earthquakes. He cannot depend on the mainstream media to report accurately on what is happening in America currently so he did his best to alert people so they could prepare for anything.

Since the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh we would be wise to avoid large gatherings of people for sporting events, shopping malls, government buildings, etc. Lay low as much as possible. The deep state is in self-preservation mode and may lash out in many ways while the President and his troops drain the swamp.

Note: Apple is sometimes preventing me from watching videos at so you may experience issues as well. The PC is no problem.  ~ CB

We Are Already Living Under Many Forms of Martial Law

EMERGENCY REPORT: Signed Executive Orders reveal Trump is planning mass arrests, military tribunals for deep state traitors like Comey, Clinton and Obama – UPDATE

If you don’t believe there is any danger to the average person in America, watch what this seemingly benign young man does to this woman with the camera. It’s shocking. This is what we can expect from anyone out there and we have to be wary of our surroundings at all times.

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