Is John Kennedy Jr. the Infamous “Q”? [videos]

(Part One and Two below)

It is looking more and more like John-John IS a member of QAnon, and the one who drops the “crumbs”.

We recall one post where Q wrote, “Wait until you learn who you have been talking to here” or very close to that, which suggests they are someone we would nearly all be familiar with, does it not?

Also, as a writer I can say that the Q drops are sometimes very eloquent and the writer appears to enjoy playing with words, as do I. They don’t come across as strictly military comms.

JFK Jr Vincent Fusca

Someone superimposed an image of Trump supporter Vincent Fusca over JFK Jr. and it appears to be a match. I don’t see a difference. Do you see a difference? The ears, the teeth, the shape of the face, everything. How about Carolyn and her elder sister, Lauren? Taking into consideration almost 20 years of maturation, they look right.

Truth has been proven to be stranger than fiction so often recently and I think these two patriots are one and the same.

David Zublick has done two exploratory videos on the possibility that JFK Jr. is Q and in these historic times, it looks like this is one more aspect we and our ancestors will marvel at for some time to come.

Part two will be equally as interesting, I’m sure, and I will share it when he uploads to  ~ CB


See Part 2 on Vimeo here.

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