Media Wars: Tucker Carlson Attacks the Lunatic Left [video]

Our media patriots at Fox are visibly riled with the insane tactics of the left and their treasonous media and government representatives. They are playing their roles in the war with their pointed commentaries.

I think those of us who are sane are close to the end of our ropes merely watching the disgusting behaviour of those who do not care about the Republic; who only want the opposite of what the President’s cabinet are trying to accomplish.

There’s no working with them; no compromise. The Democrats are the enemy.

All civility is lost in the Democrat party, yet Hillary Clinton does what they always do: she states the reverse of the situation. They always project their own behaviour onto others.

We know that if the Democrats were eliminated civility would return to society. And it will.  ~ CB

One thought on “Media Wars: Tucker Carlson Attacks the Lunatic Left [video]

  1. the bad get worse and the good get better. it comes with the territory of humanity transforming. we are stepping out of kindergarten and the others are staying in.

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