Presidential Briefing on Hurricane Michael and Missing Journalist [video]

Massive cyber attacks across the web are urging me to publish here rather than the mothership, Starship Earth, for now. Other sites have been affected, not just ours. After Kavenaugh was confirmed the attacks skyrocketed. In the past 72 hours our normal attacks ballooned to almost double.

Michael is a Cat 4 storm already affecting the coast of Florida as it closes in at 40 mph. The President got an urgent briefing. As the hurricane moves inland it is expected to degrade to a category 1 or 2, with more heavy rains and winds in Georgia and the Carolinas, unfortunately.

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Hurricane Michael evacuation traffic jamming I-10 Bayway

This is a live cam from Panama City, Florida. As you can see, it is raining and windy at this point on the fringes of the storm. It will get a lot worse. Be safe, everyone.  ~ CB

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