Q Megamemes, Kill Switches & White Hat Tactics | McAllister TV [video]

Linda Paris aka Deplorable McAllister does a good video based on more information she found in the “Megamemes” folder.

She goes through the assumptions of an Anon about how the plan was designed and the strategy and tactics to deal with the elimination of the Deep State.

She doesn’t agree with absolutely everything, but there is some fascinating information, no question. She discusses the White Hats’ “catch and release” strategy, which we may not understand until we hear these details.

Linda also goes into why civilian courts will not be the way to process these criminals and why military tribunals are necessary.

As I see it, it’s impossible to arrest and remove all the key players at once, particularly when the general public doesn’t even understand they are the enemy. Little by little, they are rounded up, given blingy ankle bracelets, and perhaps an implant that will enable them to be ‘erased’ if they don’t play along.

After the initial steps of “the plan” unfold, like Kavanaugh, and next—the declassification of the FISA documents, etc. in their fully unredacted form—America will begin to see who the criminals are, and when the mass arrests take place will not question.

I believe Cobra mentioned this technology some time ago: a high tech implant that could be triggered as a “kill switch” if the criminals don’t play along after their release back into the fish bowl where they are being tracked and watched very closely.

For now, they are playing their roles to support the illusion for the public until it’s time to raze Washington. It’s all about the “optics”, as Q has said multiple times.

While the media may make it appear these characters are all free as a bird to do what they wish and remain in full control… the reality is quite different.

That’s how it looks to me at this point, but things are changing fast. I do believe “the patriots are in control.”  ~ CB

2 thoughts on “Q Megamemes, Kill Switches & White Hat Tactics | McAllister TV [video]

  1. Ritual Abuse and Eating of Children and Advanced Technology Veiled Experimental Social Mind Control Program
    by omnipulse
    It’s true, apathy is lethal. Any one who participated in the eating of children to achieve a ritual ‘high’ as part of a second layer of non public government activity will be categorized by a team as part of an immediate, covert, hostile and civilization wide threat to the human species. The only option that […]


    1. Dame Margaret Hodge Mossad agent Jimmy Savile pal cohort, evil looking beady eyed Jewess masquerading in parliament in the Selct Committee acting for the public interest chasing Starbucks etx for not paying their taxes. A total evil little satanic demonic part of the industrial child trafficking eating sacrifing adrenochroime ring. Dame Esther Rantzen Rancid too. Lets hope whats happened to John McCain will happen to them. But for some reason Molly. I have particular dislike for Dame Margaret Hodge. Its the beady eyed arrogance in the eyes. Really riles me.

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