Total Recall: Kerry Cassidy Interviews Capt. Mark Richards of the Secret Space Program Part 9 [video]

Kerry certainly gets the runaround in her efforts to get these interviews and she’s a real trooper.

We hope Capt. Richards gets a pardon from POTUS very soon.

If you aren’t familiar with this series, Kerry calls it “Total Recall” because she visits Capt. Richards in the Vacaville, California prison as she explains in her preface and cannot take her camera, voice recorder or anything else inside with her. All she has is a pencil and paper.

Once the interview is finished she expands on her notes from memory on her voice recorder—and does a remarkable job, I must say.

Her notes are also on her website if anyone want to read them.

Kerry gives us perspective in the ongoing battle for planet Earth and the overall playing field, as she calls it. She speaks of the splits in the various factions, both Earthly and alien and who our allies are.

Mark confirmed that the fires in Northern California were cover for an above ground battle between negative ETs and the allies.

It was a great session, as always. Thanks, Kerry.  ~ CB

Project Camelot
Streamed live 3 hours ago

I interviewed Captain Mark Richards for the ninth time and this is my total recall. Mark Richards is a political prisoner in the War of Worlds going on here on Planet Earth. For the written transcript go to my website:


5 thoughts on “Total Recall: Kerry Cassidy Interviews Capt. Mark Richards of the Secret Space Program Part 9 [video]

  1. I saw all her interviews for years and followed her deep down into the rabbit whole. she is a remarkable woman. it was one of many aspects to help in developing my spiritual growth and live without fear.

  2. people need to know some of us
    actually have come in before the fall ,de-fragging was never much of an issue
    claire audience for the truth
    and clairsentients often have at least several methods to confirm
    when a person has sight the ability to not only hear the truth but are able to see with full sight
    on the invisibe
    a highly intuitive person such as kerry who naturally has these abilities pings across the board in resonate truth
    after having listened to dozens of interviews with kerry it is such a pleasure to track with her like a hound dog on a scent
    also its important when and highly exciting picking subtle tidbits of data of memory from home as she traverses the realms from the myriad of whistle blowers who wish to do just that.
    and have given their lives up in sheer dedication to help humanity to awaken and remember everything that is really all their own data and knowledge
    who have been murdered for this quest and deep caring for humanity to take a risk such as our dear kerry has
    anyone who cannot clearly see her depth, width, breadth,and height of this dear dear dedicated woman across the board really needs to look at their own petty coats
    as above so below
    and peel the onion so to speak
    in this gorgeous wonderful awakening
    where the more you awaken the more magic subtle magic appears
    in many many unknown ways
    by the sheer ability to communicate on the invisible.
    such as the language of the birds
    the language of dna
    and to hold conversations with your pets who have ascended beyond physical words and communicate on the invisible
    with you are extremely undaunted and impeccably truthful to you who they adore.
    Happy safe travels to you dear kerry cassidy you are highly loved
    and protected by thousands of people , we love you and adore you for your undaunted impeccable courage you are the best .

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