Headlines and Updates for October 13, 2018: Truth, Justice, Transparency [videos]

Many of us are chomping at the bit and wondering when the mass arrests are going to happen. Some already have, with plenty more to come. The liberation of America from the deep state is to a great degree a military operation, and as such, there is a strict order of operations which must be followed.

If we trust the QAnon team, we must be patient.

Sean at SGT Report went over the last key QAnon post from October 9, and also delivered some intel at the end relating to the disposition of those accused of treason in the military tribunals. Good to know, and we look forward to the interview tomorrow with this source.



Not surprisingly, the dims are up to their old tricks with election rigging—at least in Texas where there was an organized voter fraud ring discovered. It seems like the Dims feel the only way they can win is to cheat. Perhaps they should think about that.


It’s high time we began exposing the bad actors and shams in government, like “Da Nang Dick” Richard Blumenthal who seems to have a bad case of Clinton-itis with his memory. He inflates his lackluster military record in the reserves, speaking like it was selfless, active duty in Viet Nam. If he has Alzheimer’s it’s probably time to retire. The People require and demand honesty and transparency. The theatre has to end.


Tolec of the Andromeda Council made a fun video of a “teaser” interview with a gifted musician and friend, “StandswithBear” who relates his personal creative process and other interesting details about himself and his unique work.

I enjoyed this short chat and peek into the life of an enthusiastic flutist and composer. He will be performing October 19th in Sedona, Arizona at the “Close Encounters” monthly meeting offering his unique flavour some termed “native edge” or “cosmic groove”, as StandswithBear suggested. As a lover of native American flute music, I can’t wait to hear a sample, which came after the close of the interview.

Many of the native souls on the planet like StandswithBear never lost their connection to Source or their Star Nation roots and the guys briefly get into the alien contactee topic when he shared his viewpoint on the three kinds and our varied personal experiences throughout life when we get signs we’re on the right path.


I don’t remember how I got there, but a tab was open and somehow I wound up on Twitter and had a few belly laughs at the clever cartoons and memes.

Like these…

Hillary halloween

Hillary halloween witch

My feeling is, the mid-term elections should not be a problem. Love trumps hate. If you love your country, you love your fellow Americans, and you love Humanity—how can you lose?  ~ CB

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