Team Humanity is Winning | Mike Adams [video]

Mike is so often very serious in his updates and warnings it’s nice to hear he is in a more positive frame of mind for this one. 

I wholeheartedly concur: Humanity IS winning. 

It’s plain from picking my way across the WWW every day that not only are all the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors pouring it on, digging deep, and giving it everything they’ve got—the world is listening.

The newly awakened are connecting the dots and and seeing the big picture. The Light of Truth is washing the dross from the eyes of the misinformed public and they have a renewed hope for meaningful change. They can now see how very badly they have been deceived and betrayed.

I think they can also see that they choose not to be like the ruffians who would suppress us. We won’t stoop to that low. We are Human.  ~ CB

We Are Human

Why “Team Humanity” is winning, even as the world descends into tyranny

Team Humanity is WINNING: Mike Adams reports from the front lines of the fight for human freedom

(Natural News) The forces of globalism are in their last, desperate retreat. But they’re fighting like mad to defeat humanity and enslave the human race… and they are fearsome villains who will stop at nothing to maintain their monopoly of power.

The upcoming mid-term elections are pivotal for the future of our world. A win for Democrats means the end of human freedom and a global descent into authoritarian tyranny, where the tech giants determine what thoughts are allowed to be uttered, and evil government regimes criminalize and execute their political opponents. This is a future run by Google, Facebook, Zuckerberg, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. (If you love Nancy Pelosi, vote Democrat this November.)

A defeat of the Democrats means Team Humanity survives to keep fighting for human freedom. With the U.S. House and Senate remaining in Republican hands, President Trump will replace Jeff Sessions and aggressively pursue criminal indictments of hundreds (if not thousands) of deep state traitors who have conspired with globalists to destroy America from within. The horrific crimes of Hillary Clinton, James Comey and other deep state traitors will be exposed, tech giants will be forced to stop censoring independent media, and the last remaining shreds of credibility for the left-wing fake news media will collapse.

In many ways, however, we’ve already won. “Team Humanity” is rising, and together, we’ve already exposed the utter lies and deceptions of the corporate-run media, the lawless FBI, the fake science institutions and the evil tech giants. Humanity has awakened, and we now have the knowledge to defeat evil and restore human liberty for generations to come.

Watch my full video report for details:

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