YouTube’s Little Snit Fit & Other Inconveniences [video]

It’s 8:56 pm Pacific time and YouTube appears to be back up after a global crash lasting approx. 2 hours. Are we having fun yet?

Cellular phone outages, power outages in California, Internet outages (my personal challenge today) and then YouTube crashed around 6:30 and it’s been out for awhile.

It wasn’t a big deal; I watched Mike Adams latest update on I thought it only fitting. Who needs YouTube? They’re not the only tube in town.

YouTubers were warned that extreme censorship was coming—and it arrived. We were urged to secure backup channels in the event our blogs or videos were censored and/or removed.

I am currently publishing on two blogs to keep the channels open. The restrictions will get resolved at some point—hopefully in the not too distant future.

QAnon has not yet broken the week long silence, and there are a lot of things happening in America.

The globalists are still trying to ignite WWIII. They just don’t get it. Nothing they do will provoke any nation to launch another war.

As we near the mid-term elections in America, we expect things will get a little dicey. We may see more communication outages, weather wars, false flag attacks, assassination attempts… I just hope everyone took the advice offered by the President and many bloggers and independent media outlets to “prepare” for supply chain interruptions, a possible martial law scenario where we may want to stay home for a few days and off the streets, perhaps temporary curfews… we don’t know. Prepare for anything, and then you won’t need to worry.

The financial situation is unstable at the moment too and the global reset may occur any day so we need to keep ample cash on hand. With the potential for widespread power outages when gas stations, ATMs and banks are not functioning, we would be wise to keep a relatively full tank of gas, food, water, meds, pet supplies and everyday necessities stocked up.

If you doubt that you may need to take any of the precautions suggested above, have a look at the following video. It happens to be in California, but it could happen anywhere in America or any country for various reasons.

It does sound absurd, and it is, but terrorism is rampant and the terrorists have chosen to target California and Texas. Texas is currently experiencing massive flooding—again.

Just thought you might want a heads up. It’s something to think about.  ~ CB

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