The Globalists are Waging Open War on America! | AIM4Truth [video]

This is a chilling message for a Saturday morning, my friends, but it must be stated clearly.

Yes, they torched thousands of homes in California, but they are now using their weapons on cars—with people in them. There is no other explanation—and many reasons why they are doing this. Many. We have discussed the multi-pronged approach to the globalist/dark cabal agenda so many times over the years.

The war is hotting up, I’m afraid, —scratch that, I’m not afraid. We can do this, but must understand that Humans are the targets. They want 90% of us gone and their thrusts of the sword are no longer happening in the shadows. It’s out there for all to see and this is no time for denial.

It’s no longer a war fought in the courts—although that is still happening. It’s no longer only a war fought at the polls. Americans are seeing what happened there.

These psychopaths are using weapons paid for with trillions siphoned from taxpayers; stolen by the Nazi “Project Paperclip” group (look it up) who developed the ability to go to the stars and left us here, Earthbound. They became a “breakaway civilization” and they have technologies, anti-gravity ships and weapons they don’t want us to know exist.

You thought Star Trek was pure fantasy, didn’t you? They love to tease us and they laugh at our gullibility. In truth, WE are the entertainment.

Hollywood is their den of iniquity where people sold their souls for wealth, fame and power. That is why they attack President Trump.

These beings are all about war. They have caused all the wars on our planet. They thrive on it, they eliminate millions of us in the process, and grow rich and powerful with each conquest and regime change.

They have their own armies and continue to murder innocent civilians, all the while covering it up with lies delivered by their talking heads. Some have suggested firefighters in California are paid mercenaries actually starting fires. That is inconclusive but not outside the realm of possibility.

Their people infiltrated all governments on the planet and now that President Trump, Putin, and most others are standing up to them and dismantling their corrupt systems that have enslaved us for millennia, they are growing more brazen—and desperate.

This is the final battle. We are drawing them out and there is no other way to free the planet, but there will be collateral damage. You are seeing it now in the middle east and in California. Murder, plain and simple.

To complete this liberation process Humans have to accept the truth and fight back. They have to stop fighting amongst themselves as they’ve been programmed to do. They must unify and fight the enemy.

It’s not easy because the dark lords control everything. EVERYTHING. Even the way we think. They have us under constant surveillance and see everything we do. They listen. They watch. They kill.

They have provided military-grade equipment to police forces so they can bully us, torture us, or kill us if we rebel. They must show us that they will keep us in our place. Victims.

They invented religion to circumvent our natural spiritual process—our <strong>direct connection</strong> to Source or Creator. They provided priests to bridge that gap and deceive us. They kept us separate and alone. “There’s no intelligent life out there.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

They are master geneticists and tampered with our genes eons ago. The result is all that “junk DNA” they claim we have, and they told us we evolved from apes. They took over the education system to dumb us down with lies just like those.

They lie about physics so we can’t figure out how to progress and when an inventor creates technology which would be a threat to their ability to keep us small and dependent on them, they suppress it, steal the patent, and or use it to enhance their own lives.

They only allow us to have technology which suits their agenda. They keep us preoccupied with television “programming”, computerized toys, and use our electronics from TVs to refrigerators, to phones and tablets to spy on us and track us.

They own nearly all the media in all formats and manipulate the perceptions of Humans with their treasonous lies. They masque what is happening in other countries. They blackmail and bribe politicians and rig elections to stay in power. They murder those who get in their way or threaten to expose them. Human life is of no consequence to them. They consider us chattel and their property; their slaves.

They manipulate the economy, stocks, and caused all the crashes and devastating depressions.

They sink battle ships and crash passenger jets.

They poison our food, water, the air, the soil, and train doctors to be drug pushers to make their pharmaceutical corporations wealthy beyond measure. They use the medical system to create long-term customers, not to heal.

They vaccinate our children with so much poison before their immune systems are mature some of our babies die. Others develop “autism”. Now you know why they are trying to mandate vaccinations for everyone and take children away from parents who refuse. They want us sick, helpless, or dead.

There are simple, natural ways to eliminate every disease but they will never tell us that and they ruin the lives of those who attempt to reveal it or heal us. They have killed our loved ones for years and blamed it on a disease they created in their labs.

A sweeping statement would be that they have literally weaponized everything.

No, this is not the plot for a horror movie, my friends. This is life on Earth at the hands of off-planet marauders who parade as Human. The entire Universe is fighting to eradicate them because they have destroyed civilizations and planets long before they began on ours. Star Wars is real.

They kidnap children for purposes we won’t get into now. We have expounded on that in other posts… other videos. Suffice it to say they are satanic pedophiles.

We are at a turning point. We either win this war now, or kiss Earth and Humanity goodbye forever.

I suggest you do your research quickly and come up with a plan, but in the interim, you MUST SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP AND PRESIDENT PUTIN in their initiatives to GET THIS DONE.

Tell others what is going on. The evidence is right in front of you, all over the Internet. That is one tool WE have weaponized and use against them.

Even the Sacramento Bee newspaper is now attacking those of us on the Internet who are showing and telling what is happening in California and why. Don’t believe their lies. You do so at your own peril.  ~ CB

Read more from the source of the video above.

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