Red Flags at the Wall: Will They Breach It? Live feeds streaming [videos]

4:32 pm Mtn. – The mob has been turned back to Mexico, and the authorities are removing the blockade panels they erected in the driving lanes at the border.

Here’s an overall coverage from Canada’s Global news.

3:00 pm Mtn. – Randall at RKTNN talked for hours until his throat gave out so we’re left with Global News and or Twitter/Facebook updates for now. Randall will be back. He did an awesome job. has people airing footage from within the invaders themselves and some of the people have injuries and have moved away from the wall to nurse their wounds, drink water, and regroup.

Esta “mañana”. Donde est las Russians… where are the Russians these folks have on speed dial?  ~ CB

2:35 pm Mtn. – RKTNN just showed a 51 second clip at a border protected by American officials and they shot at the illegals who jumped the old wall. Non-lethal weapons like gas employed and LRAD and successful. The invaders turned tail and ran.

A caller said the Guatemalans now say that since they have used gas on them it means war.

We hear the Patriots are launching tear gas from the helicopters with rifles and getting it exactly where they want it.  ~ CB

If you have a Twitter account, there is more information available here:

Patriot24/7  and   WendyFry  (Wendy is on the Mexican side of the border)

Also on Facebook had some video of rock throwers, smoke, car horns and chaos…

INVASION: Honduran Migrant Says 20,000 Will March Through Vehicle Lanes at Border, Claims That Applying for Asylum is ‘Waste of Time’

2:20 pm Mtn: We are getting reports from Randall at RKTNN the invaders are throwing rocks—I believe it’s at the area along the border where no wall has been built yet. The Border Patrol is there, backed up by militia. No wall.

Spanish-speaking people may like to tune in to Milenio-tv – noticias en vivo. They’re being censored too, perhaps.

2:08 pm Mtn. time: There is major censorship going on with this situation today, folks. Live streams are being shut down on Themtube.

Global News is streaming with breaks and sometimes no audio. The RKTNN channel is good. Randall keeps up with things fairly well and callers are phoning in. He is a huge Trump fan and very animated. It’s nice to hear from the patriots.

Randall says patriots are welcome to go to New Mexico soon to support the militia there.

There are 12K watching Global News at the moment.

The American police in riot gear are at the wall and one caller said they used rubber bullets on some of the invaders.

Update: 1:38 pm Mtn. Time: I will update here because it’s easier. The mob is well-trained. They are using tactics used by the White Helmets in Syria when they poured water all over the little boy to make it look like he’d been attacked with chemical weapons.

The mob is trying to take kids into the fray across the wall and pouring water on them to make it appear the federales used tear gas on them, or something like it—and they did it right in front of the cameras. The commentator is pointing out this is child abuse.  ~ CB

We have footage from the border of US/Mexico, some of it live. This citizen journalist is showing what MSNBC was showing. He says they showed it because they expected the invaders to scale the wall but so far they have not been able to.

The mob got past the Federales and they managed to get some live feed of the activities en vivo—LIVE.

This coverage is good because the English-speaking commentator translates the Spanish for us.




Here’s a live feed from Global News. If you go to YouTube and search on “live migrant caravan bridge”  you will find additional sources.

Crazy times, my friends. Crazy times.  ~ CB


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