Headlines & Updates for November 26, 2018: We Know Who the Villains Are [videos]

What you will never see on lamestream media is throngs of Brits chanting, “We love Trump!”  I kid you not, I had to rewind the video below because I wasn’t sure what I was hearing.

The Brits got it goin’ on! When have you ever seen masses of protestors chanting support for the leader of another country? The only other similar instance I know of was a European soccer match when the fans were chanting, “Please Trump, lock her up!” or something like that, which I mentioned recently, and that also blew my little mind.

President Trump is a global phenomenon! A rock star. People see him as the magic bullet—the cleaner—not forgetting all the others working hard in the background to drain the swamp and clean up this planet. So many have sacrificed.

Yes, the Brits are indeed staunch supporters of the man who dared to not only oppose and expose the globalist agenda, but destroy the infrastructure supporting it, running it—and FUNDING it.

Get a load of this footage in Sean’s latest SGT Report. It’s utterly awesome. Look at all our friends in the UK making their stand against tyranny whilst encouraging us to ignore the “fake news” and GET THIS DONE. Thank you for the support. It means a lot.

At last, sufficient numbers of people are understanding the scale of the deception and the evil of the grand plan for global domination. There is light at the end of the tunnel.


The information war is in full swing as blogs, websites, videos and audios continue to be censored. Yesterday we experienced a outage at Starship Earth and Cobra posted the same error code, oddly enough, on the portal for the Resistance.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Systems security breach at 504

Hopefully we  will have our hailing frequencies open soon. Number One is working on it because I can’t access the console and we get error messages suggesting the host connection is the problem.

We followed the crisis at the Mexican border closely yesterday and it was exciting but a little hairy at times. The dark always does tests before they implement a plan in full and I suspect this is a test. Next time these soldiers of misfortune try to enter America they will find it even more difficult—and possibly more painful.

There is news that many thousands more will besiege the border soon and that may be why the troops were deployed for domestic duty—in preparation for the next brutal onslaught. Or maybe it’s just disinfo and will play into the hands of the White Hats and their plan…

I feel sorry for these pawns who were weaponized by the globalists to attack America and cause chaos. They are unfortunate to have been recruited as soldiers in the war against Humanity and have had a rough trip. They don’t know what you and I know and don’t understand the situation at all. They see it completely differently.

They’re brainwashed; doing what they were paid to do when they were no doubt lied to and therefore manipulated. Obviously, I don’t feel sorry for the MS13 gang members and terrorists, drug smugglers, rapists and gun runners, but hate to see the kids dragged into this. They had no choice and it’s dangerous for them.

It sounds as though these people were told when they stormed the border that Russia was going to provide backup, and they believed it. Poor souls. I bet the real terrorists in the group knew better and they’re just biding their time.

We heard some of them also broke into homes in Tijuana after they were unsuccessful at breaching the border and the Mexicans want them gone.

Bernie takes us through some Trumpets, Qdrops, border crisis coverage, and more in his update below. He makes sense of things that may have been confusing. Trump’s cunning is becoming increasingly apparent as we go along and what appears to be happening is not usually a true reflection of the situation.

If you saw the latest Qdrops referencing [KOALA], now you will know what that was about. It appears everything is under control, as much as it can be when chaos reigns superficially.

Border Security = National Security.
FY 2019 Defense Spending Bill
>>Budget Overview
Budget Reconciliation
What if the House fails prior to majority change?
What vested auth does the Constitution grant a sitting President re: matters of NAT SEC?
Thank you, Mr. Soros.


I echo Sean’s advice to listen to this revealing lecture from Dan Bongino. I’m barely into it but he’s not only a top drawer source of information, he’s funny, too. While the people and connections he reveals may be valid, at this point we don’t know who may have flipped, as we understand Vladimir Putin has, for example.

Dan Bongino – Obama, Mueller and the Biggest Scam in American History


I haven’t had time to look into the Russia/Ukraine issue but I found that Steve Motley, Retired Marine spoke out about it today. He’s in tune with all the key issues and has a lot to offer his listeners. AND, after I shared his last video, he was kind enough to give a shout out to Starship Earth.

Here’s the back story. I was just settling in to watch his video at the end of the day and I was grumbling under my breath how we bloggers share so many videos and promote dozens of vloggers and yet Starship Earth almost never gets a recommendation or acknowledgement from a vlogger after more than 6 years of being on the job almost every day. Video makers earn all kinds of money—enough to support a family, some of them— from some of the subscribers we send to them and we earn next to nothing on our blogs even with advertising. Worst of all, we don’t even get an honourable mention, and I know that many vloggers read our blog. That’s my gripe.

The next thing I know Steve says his subscribers recommended our website to him and he was appreciative that we shared his video and said nice things about his efforts. Now that’s a good guy. Thank you, Steve.

I think Steve’s take on the Russia/Ukraine situation will resonate as it’s really more of the same machinations by the globalists to ignite war. Not much ever changes with these people who never look for peace and seek only to create war and suffering.


The Julian Assange story will be active for some time now and we’re watching it play out. I don’t believe the White Hats will allow the psychopaths to harm him any further.  That would be so wrong.

The President is in Mississippi today doing two rallies before the upcoming election there. I don’t know where he finds the time or energy to do all he does.

I lost some time today dealing with the blog connectivity issues at Starship Earth so I’ll sign off here. We’re still working on the speed with the hosting company which is glacial and too difficult to work with.  ~ BP

2 thoughts on “Headlines & Updates for November 26, 2018: We Know Who the Villains Are [videos]

  1. I believe President Trump is doing a big big clean up for this planet along with a huge number of people who have their hearts and minds in the right place…..God Speed to him and his team. May the Plug be pulled very soon on the Swamp world wide …:)

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