Martial Law in America After Christmas?

martial law

If you have not seen General Michael Flynn’s video about an army of digital soldiers, you may view that one minute excerpt here.

I’m just the messenger, a “digital soldier”, and since we have been advising all Earth’s peoples to prepare for a couple of weeks minimum in case of disruptions to the supply chain due to natural or man-made events, insurrection, or any reason at all, we feel it prudent to pass on this notification that just arrived.

If you’re a regular Starship reader you are probably already prepared, but for those who were unable or did not for any reason put aside a little extra food, water, cash, meds, pet supplies, candles, batteries, fuel… you may want to do that now.

Thomas Williams told us a few days ago that in the event of unusual circumstances within America, be it due to a financial reset or anything else, interruptions will probably only be a matter of a few days, so preparing for two weeks is probably ample, but if you feel better securing a month’s worth of supplies and cash then go for it, if it will provide peace of mind for you.

By sharing this notification we in no way guarantee we will see martial law unfold; we merely state it is and always was a possibility. We got the heads up so are passing it on—in case.

What we are experiencing is “the storm”, and we need to be prepared for anything; whether it’s having to evacuate due to fire, flood, hurricane, or shelter in place due to extreme weather or… as may be the case… martial law so the military can arrest the criminals while we are all safe in our homes with our families.

Unless you’re green as the most tender new shoots in spring, you probably realize that when SHTF, the dark will probably unleash antagonists to cause violence, looting, or any mischief they can manage. No matter how things appear, we must not engage the military and be sure to follow instructions.

The positive forces will be keeping an eye on bridges, dams, electrical plants, water treatment facilities, and all infrastructure to hopefully ensure there are no interruptions, particularly to hospitals, law enforcement, etc. You get the drift.

We may get a cellular alert from the EAS “Presidential” messaging tested in America in early October. If so, we would follow those instructions.

It’s nothing to be afraid of—in fact, I would be celebrating. We have been half expecting this for a very long time and the sooner it is executed, the better.

Some have said martial law is not necessary to remove the cabal, while others say it is. Who do we believe? Disinformation is used to keep the enemy off balance.

It’s better to be prepared for anything as President Trump asked in his official preparedness proclamation which we’ve shared multiple times since it was posted at on August 31, 2018.

It’s not about fear porn, it’s about making this process as easy and safe as possible. Not everyone will be prepared, so those of us who are will be valuable assets to ensure the safety and education of others to reduce fear and make sure no one goes without essentials.

If martial law does NOT unfold, no problem. No harm, no foul.

There is a war unfolding on this planet and we would be irresponsible not to prepare for the worst and expect the best. I anticipate that when difficult circumstances present, Americans will care for each other as they always do in crises.

Any problems—if there are problems—will not be from average citizens; they will be from agents provocateurs/cabal terrorists. Looking on the bright side, perhaps we’ll get an extended Christmas vacation out of it.

I would just say Merry Christmas, be safe, take care of each other, and no fear. Our liberation is under way.  ~ CB

38 thoughts on “Martial Law in America After Christmas?

  1. i personally see nothing frightening about it ,,other than get out of the way so we can do our work,,,for that i say thank you

  2. “The military has sworn an oath of allegiance to our President…” Really?? I stopped reading right there, they swear an oath to the *Constitution*. If you want people to take you seriously then be accurate, otherwise it’s fear porn disguised as “legitimate message.”

    1. The positive military installed President Trump and swore their allegiance to him. They swear allegiance to BOTH the President and the Constitution. Why does everything have to be “either/or”? Don’t be an obstructionist. We have far too many of them as it is.

      1. I honestly would worry if anyone in the military would swear an oath to ANYONE other than to the Constitution. I love the fact that the White Hats support the Pres as they do but, Pres Trump supports them the same way. None of this swamp cleaning could occur without the cooperation of each to the other. I don’t think Pres Trump would require or encourage an oath to himself.

      2. I can picture Pres. J. F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, cheering from Heaven. Prayers and God speed to our US Military, Commander-In-Chief, Pres. Donald J. Trump, First Family, and all American citizens. Proud supporter of President Trump. KEEP POTUS SAFE. #Q_DigitalArmy #LockThemAllUP #TrustThePlan ‘Remembering #RIPSethRich’

      3. Thank you for the content in your message. I feel safer knowing Martial Law will be used and the Deep State actors can more easily be arrested. From Dark to Light.
        Q sent me.

      4. wears an oath to protect our constitution, thus the military is doing the same . There will be problems. The radical left has no intention to give in. The Soros,Obama,and Clinton agenda are so in tuned with Satan that we will have to pay attention to closely to what these drones do. Also beware of the UN I really do not have a lot of confidence in them I did not like those UN convoys which you saw many times during Obama’s last year.As far as the criticism of some of these nations that we are pulling our troops out of are the same nations that Obama and Hillary gave arms and millions of dollars to aid our backs to even sell our Syria and Iraq plus making deals behind our backs and even selling our uranium .

    2. The military swear or affirm to support and defend the constitution AND obey the orders of
      the President…..TOBKA you’re playing with words and seem to have a liberal agenda.
      You’ve also got an arrogant attitude. Not everyone is as intelligent as you, lighten up.
      Do you know who Q Anon is and the relationship to the President?

    3. there is more going on behind the scenes than you are aware it seems, keep an open mind.. and enjoy the show..also, there is no vibes of fear in this message.. relax

    4. Please. The President is the military’s Commander in Chief so swearing their oath of allegiance to their Commander (Leader) is separate than their sworn oath to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution. I am a Vietnam Combat Veteran and I still uphold and honor my sworn oath to Protect and defend the Constitution and I proudly swear my oath of allegiance to my President. Seriously! Al-le-giance Definition: loyalty or commitment of a subordinate to a superior or of an individual to a group or cause.

    5. You don’t know the oath that military have taken apparently. You are speaking without facts and wasting everyone’s time including mine for having to attempt to educate you. You need to do some research of your own before condemning someones own comment when you are the one that looks incompetent afterwards tobka.

  3. The situation has been forced for it to come down to this. There is now no other way. There are so many levels of violent opposition to the control of the masses lessening to any degree. This extends beyond any global limitations of country and planet. It is huge and beyond comprehension the effects of freeing America.

  4. Honestly Q & Trump dropped some comments about having food, water for at least two months back in September / October. I don’t think there is going to be any problems except panic and grocery stores being emptied out due to the panic. Other than that we should be okay. If you have been following Q you should be okay. If not go get some water, beans & rice & non perishables to hold you for a few months.

  5. source for this please? Need a citation or it never happened. Martial Law is not a good thing. The military started taking guns away by force in Katrina and said openly on national Television that they would indeed shoot someone if they didn’t comply. Think about it.

    1. I’m sorry you don’t understand the situation. The source is Q/Qteam. I was only given a meme. If you can’t see from all the information and the events unfolding that this martial law is for our benefit, then nothing anyone can say will change your mind. You are free to live in fear if you choose.

    2. Here is one account from someone who lived through martial law in their town—to clean out all the corruption.
      [–] F_Tard_Fred 8 points (+8|-0) 2 days ago

      Martial law can be a good thing. Before I was born my old home town was placed under Martial law that lasted for a year in order to clean up and remove the crooked Democrat government that was in place. Many books have been written on the subject and the first ever clean election without voter fraud was held in 1954. When the Army National Guard rolled into Phenix City, Alabama they replaced the City and County governments along with the Police and Sheriff’s Departments with Military Rule. Only the School Board and the Fire Departments were left intact. A little over 2,500 indictments were filed and some 300 persons were served and went to trial. The Army courts got a 99.9% conviction rate. There is something to be learned from history. Martial law does work.

      1. yes,,,yes,,,that is exactly what i see,,,,i welcome Martial Law,,,,in this case especially by President Trump,,,,,,i then see things moving,,,and btw it has already started,,,

    3. It wasn’t the military confiscating guns in New Orleans – it was the city police doing what the jailed mayor told them to do .


  7. G’day and Howdy from Central Texas! First, thank you, Starship Earth, for standing up this INFO platform. There are many outlets in operation–some better than others. Second, and simply as a “neighborly message” from “a guy” ( “A guy” who is a parent (5 kiddos), teacher (theatre arts), coach (Youth Rugby), Adult Scout Leader (25+ years, currently a Founding Scoutmaster), a Lay Spiritual Leader honoring a variety of paths, and, a 30 year military veteran (Cold War, Armed Conflict, Active Combat, and lastly, this “Global War On Terrorism”). Folks, some simple “Iowa Farmboy common sense advice” I would share at this point is time stems from a motto I’ve used for over 47 of my 58 Earth years to date: “Be Prepared.” For anything and everything–as life might present a myriad of challenges–simply, “Be. Know. Do.” and everything WILL fall into place soon enough. Yes, unfortunately our Nation was sold out by a bunch of nefarious Globalist/NWO Pedavore evil Swamp Creatures many decades before. However, as a number of sources/leaders have shared: we are at a cross-roads in OUR history. Be ready. Know who your neighbors are and how can you best support each other. Military Service Members Activated for Duty AND Veterans: for all we hold sacred, honorable, and dear–remember YOUR OATH to the Constitution of the United States of America and to WE-The People. DO YOUR DUTY. Civilians: relax. breathe. DON’T get ahead of yourselves and buy into the fear and hype being pandered. Evil-doers: Tick-tock…no more #Frazzledrip. Light has arrived to purge your darkness. See all y’all on the other side. Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Yule…whatever expression you might wish to share. As Always and Ever, Yours In Service, Captain Richard Arlington Briggs, Jr., USA, Ret. (US Army Airborne Special Operations Forces 1978-2009, Enlisted and Commissioned, 100% P&T Disabled Veteran, Honorably Discharged, Still serving–just a different code being used.)

  8. Greetings Patriots. My namee is William D Andrews. and am also a Army veteran, who is not afraid or ashamed of my country. Change is good…I beleive that the God of Abraham,Isach,and Jacob are in complete control. Merry Christmas to all. God Bless our America, and the people who make her Great again!

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