Storm Clouds Gathering

Of course there are many who doubt the veracity of even the potential for martial law in America, but denial has always been the first psychological protection for us, hasn’t it?

The fact is, there is a genuine war unfolding on this planet—not only America—but the main theatre is currently the “United States”.

You can read more about what is currently happening at this link, where many other articles support this fact of war.

Nearly every country of the world is fighting the same enemy; the dark cabal; the globalists; the psychopathic ruling “elite”, the shadow government, the deep state. They are known by many names, and they embody an evil that most of us never imagined could exist.

They are losing their tenuous grip on the control of the masses because we now can see the puppet masters who have been intent on destroying our nations and Humanity as a whole.

The battles have been fought in the shadows for decades but we are now at the point when the heavy lifting must be done. It’s possible all hell could break loose, because the treasonous criminals have nothing left to lose.

Individually, we need to do our own research on this planetary liberation that is unfolding and support those who are championing our cause at great risk to themselves and their families.

The key fact to understand when researching “The Storm” is that the mainstream media is owned and controlled by the enemy, so you will hear agenda-driven propaganda rather than facts from them most of the time. You will also see and hear pure, unadulterated hatred. It is palpable.

Fortunately, we have other sources to learn the truth, and the positive military in America speak to us through QAnon, as far as we can determine. That team tells us The Great Awakening is underway, and patriots in all countries need to stand together; to unify and fight the enemy together as ONE.

This is the most exciting time in centuries to be alive on Planet Earth, and there is nothing to fear. We are guided by powerful forces who are ready to get this done, and there’s no time to waste. I understand everything is in readiness for the final push.

We can ignore the efforts of the enemy to lash out and attack those who are freeing us. They will unabashedly use every disgusting trick in their book.

It’s time to steel our resolve and be ready to do whatever we are called upon as the “civilian army” to do. Step one is to educate ourselves.

Our mothership blog is Starship Earth: The Big Picture, where we have been exploring reality and preparing for our liberation for over six years. There’s plenty of good information there about what has unfolded.

We have survived censorship and attacks, but the Captain’s Blog was created as a backup site, or satellite, to use for communications when interruptions occurred so there isn’t much in the archives here, but when something we believe is very important arises, we publish it here, as well, so stay tuned.

We might have seen our demise had a small group of military generals and patriots not recruited Donald Trump to execute this brilliant take-down of the devil’s version of misery, persecution and even elimination of an entire race.

As QAnon says, Where We Go One, We Go All.  ~ CB

Trump remain calm patriots in control



2 thoughts on “Storm Clouds Gathering

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    This is a fight that has been going on for thousands upon thousands of years and it will not end tomorrow. Steel yourselves, indeed, as the reality of the evil that has been allowed to flourish here on this planet becomes more exposed every day to ordinary good-hearted people. Do not make the mistake in thinking you can “save” the Enemy; they had turned away from the Light long ago. In time, some of them will return to the rest of humanity, but it will be a long uphill and dark road. For the worse, they will be taken to the Great Central Sun and unmade; the energy of their beings transformed into newly born virgin soul essence.

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