Prophecy or Fantasy? Interesting Eclipse Details to Consider [video]

I quite enjoyed this fellow’s high energy presentation of research around the eclipse and prophecy surrounding President Trump, astrology, history, and more. He throws it out there for us to decide what is what.

Thanks for the share, J.

In case you want to have a listen before the meditation tonight… and just before sunrise afterward is said to be a key time, as well.

As we learn just how critical this spiritual war is at this juncture, I don’t believe the Light would be introducing anything but their best and most powerful heavy weights to put the psychopaths down for the count. I think Trump is their man.

I feel like we’re increasingly seeing the spiritual side of this war leaking into the physical/political. The gloves are off, and the natives are restless. We could reach the flash-point any second.

I awoke to heavy chemtrailing this morning and the entire sky is filled with latticework to the point I am wondering if they are trying to prevent us from watching the eclipse.  ~ CB

BLOOD MOON Unleashes the BEAST before JUPITER/VENUS Conjunction Resurrects the 144000 – Prophecy

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