Lots Happening Out There [videos]

Be sure to watch David Zublick’s video update we shared on the GTMO military tribunals and a few key names on the sealed indictments who are currently undergoing prosecution. The truth is coming out—finally—and you will find it very satisfying.  ~ CB

There was ice everywhere in Connecticut, 6 inches of snow in Iowa and the polar deep freeze is predicted in the midwest this week.

Strong EF2 Tornado Hits Alabama, Others Twisters In Mississippi and Florida


More terrorism? There was a car bomb in Ireland, and now 2 Tanzanian-registered ships near Russia experience an explosion. Video and images at the link from RT, below.

2 ships on fire in Kerch strait, after blast reportedly rocks one of them – Russian Maritime Agency


An update from the Patriot hour featuring intel from Greg Rubini about imminent arrests. I must say it’s kind of fun being on Twitter… not that I’m doing anything much. Mostly just lurking… eavesdropping… enjoying the show.


Trumps Sends A Message To The [DS] & The [CB] – Episode 1771a


Chatter, Tweets, Messages, Last Resort, Patriots On Guard – Episode 1771b


Rolling eyes and shaking heads over this one.



Is there any doubt from thinking minds that we need that wall?

Thousands of Migrants Crossing Remote Section of New Mexico Border


Looks like the shoe is on the other foot. Hillary, the Podestas… all working with the Ukraine to stir up trouble. Judicial Watch will get to the bottom of it.

Judicial Watch Obtains Emails Showing Podesta Group’s Work for Pro-Russia Ukrainian Political Party

3 thoughts on “Lots Happening Out There [videos]

  1. Truth Cat
    In Orwell’s 1984 you could be severely punished for what was termed a “facecrime”, meaning a facial expression that is deemed politically incorrect or improper by the ruling authority.

    This is what the kid in a MAGA hat was accused of while having a drum beat in his face. #1984

  2. Thomas said to watch for Tuesday

    RIF is now legit
    It is a “field day” for POTUS

    Steve M:
    Raise your hand if you know
    what SES is…

  3. It was said on the Hannity show
    the Catholic boys did not have
    MAGA hats when they arrived

    They were given
    the hats by someone

    Set up?

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