Deep State Developments & Threats [videos]

Below, we see Twitter source Greg Rubini’s intel involving the reasons Nancy Pelosi and her entourage might have wanted to be out of the country for a week beginning this past weekend. See the Patriot Hour video below.

The Tweets from Donna Brazile that Dave highlighted in his X22 report last night appeared to contain strong messages about presidential deaths.

There are various opinions about the Pelosi business trip. Some believe Pelosi took family members on the trip simply to impress them.

Perhaps I’ve been wearing a tin foil hat too long, but when I hear large numbers of children are being transported internationally and avoiding the manifest of a commercial plane, I think child sex trafficking, but maybe it was something quite different.

It would be easy to mix a few undocumented children in with a large family of kids if using a military plane,  however, and apparently Pelosi wanted to hand pick the captain and crew. It seems very secretive.

Obviously using the military and living the high life while travelling with the vast quantities of alcohol we heard about on trips like this we taxpayers do not want to pay for it, but perhaps it’s about the planned coup we’ve heard about to eliminate the President and Vice President.

Pelosi and friends took a commercial plane after all for their trip, but did any of the original members of the party go, including the children, or just the politicians? I don’t see anyone at all in this footage from Natasha but Nancy and her security detail. I don’t think she likes to compromise.

Nancy Pelosi Flies Commercial, Ebola Breakout Closes Foreign Border



As wealthy as she is, she won’t pay for her family of 85 to travel with her unless someone else foots the bill?

Natasha also mentions the possibility of the President shutting down US borders to travellers due to an Ebola outbreak in a Congalese province. Interesting idea.

The information floating around the Internet now is colourful, with David Zublick telling us the military is about to invoke martial law. They seem to want to keep that idea circulating.

Steve Motley, Retired Marine, tells us he believes the time is ripe for the deep state to stage an event to take out a large number of Americans which the dimms and fake media would then blame on President Trump because he shut down the government.

We continue to get reports of people doing odd things; possibly weaponized people. We heard recently that former FBI Director James Comey was equipped to trigger mind controlled people for attacks like the one the FBI exposed before it could happen at the White House.

Or perhaps it’s the full moon post-ecliptic energies disrupting behaviour…

Man tried to ram gate of Presidential Palace in Warsaw

Drunken passenger tries to hijack Russian plane & fly to Afghanistan, forces early landing

Keeping in mind that disinfo is rampant from both sides of the war, the remainder of January might get very interesting indeed and Q fans may soon go into withdrawal after nine days without breadcrumbs to nibble.  ~ CB



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