‘Drones’ Shut Down Newark Airport Today

Drones? Really? The same kind of “drones” that shut down Heathrow and Gatwick airports recently? Here in New Jersey? Interesting. I wonder if they’ll arrest some patsies again.

I’m going with the style above. Technology’s better than they let on, you know. (Snicker, snicker.)

Some day perhaps we can have a truthful media that actually tells us what’s really happening rather than spewing fiction.  RT reports…  ~ CB

Drone sightings temporarily ground flights at Newark airport

January 22, 2019

All traffic at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey was temporarily halted after drones were seen flying over the nearby Teterboro Airport, disrupting air travel in the New York City area.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ordered a ground stop at Newark on Tuesday evening, after two drones were seen flying at 3,500 feet (1 km) over Teterboro, a nearby airport that serves private and corporate flights.

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