The Wall Street Weather Casino [video]

Are you aware the Wall Street banksters place bets and gamble on the weather? I had no idea.

This expert at the 1PacificRedwood channel, tells us that using high-powered Nexrad microwave frequency generators they control the weather systems, wind, the amount of moisture present, etc.,  which is bad enough—but also that the gamblers on Wall Street place bets on the number of sunny days, rainy days, etc. per month or per year there will be, and other variables.

He would like President Trump to abolish this manipulation of the weather for the cabal’s monetary gain and entertainment. If there’s a way to make money, they’ll find it—and they care not who it hurts; not man nor beast.  ~ CB

2 thoughts on “The Wall Street Weather Casino [video]

  1. SO, this begs the question, regarding State of Emergency declared for a certain county in Rhode Island. There is apparantly a gas shut off and the Govenor is announcing to thousands of residents that they must leave their homes for several days,

    Fishy and suspicious to me!! Would love to hear intel / insights on this. Are they intalling or testing something in the area when people are away? And perhaps related, or not, wasn’t it determinde the the new background in Flynn’s photo of the water was taken in Rhode Island?

    Just suspicious actions during pivitol times.

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