Captain’s Blog: Star Date 583445.07

Captain’s Blog: Star Date 583445.07

If you weren’t sure, this past week may have crystalized in your mind that we are at war. Not the traditional war—although there is that, too—but on American soil, a war of a different kind.

We are on a journey none of us would have ever suspected in our earlier years, or even five years ago; and a long, arduous odyssey it is proving to be.

It is indeed a war for our minds, but it may impact our physical world more than it has before it’s over.

Note the State of Emergency in Rhode Island where they have shut off the natural gas in one county and told people it’s not safe to stay in their homes all night in frigid weather without heat so they need to evacuate. Coincidence?

That’s just a sample of where they’re going—and can—since they control all the fuel, electricity, power, Internet, etc. Be sure you’re prepared for anything.

Our planet has gone to hell in a hand basket and it’s more evident here in North America every day. The front lines are creeping closer and closer to home, and soon, if it doesn’t stop, sleepy Americans will get a nasty jolt of reality they can’t ignore.

They will have to accept that the “news” is pure lies and propaganda and that they, the denizens of America, are considered the enemy of the deep state—which is not President Trump and his inner circle. He’s the enemy of the deep state, too.

digital soldiers flynn

Irregular warfare indeed, and it presents unique challenges.

There are all kinds of digital attacks now. I am experiencing such a slowdown at Starship Earth that I really can’t work with it. It takes several minutes to simply save a post, or publish a post, switch from comments to editor for a new post, anything—even to log into the bridge. The spinners just keep going around and around and tell me I’ve lost the connection with the data base. It’s wasting my time to try to work there.

Some readers tell me they can’t get the site to load at all. It appears to vary from browser to browser.

Number One tells me that he’s hearing the deep state has installed bots on the Internet that are generating hundreds of fake news stories and clogging up the works, slowing it down and threatening to overshadow the REAL news.

One vlogger said he watched a striking example of shadow banning on YouTube in the last few hours, and we will need to be vigilant about sharing real news on social media, YouTube, blogs, websites, or via email with acquaintances.

Whatever we can do will be important. We cannot allow them to win the Information War and will have to use our highest discernment.

While the shills continue to attack QAnon, cabal agents distract, lie, pose as patriots and ask for money in the alternative media community.

My suspicions about some of them were confirmed and I have a very good idea of who is who now. The targets of the online smear campaigns is very telling as it’s usually the positive elements under attack.

This is a revealing discussion with John B Wells and an Anon he calls “Dallas 4” where they discuss what is happening behind the scenes and what President Trump is signalling in his communications.

We may not always be correct in our translations, but we have a far better idea of reality than the general public, and that’s what we need.


Evidence of deep state strategy? This bogus news just came in:

Breaking News: Cohen postpones testimony, citing threats from Trump

The cabal has been drawn out and is showing its claws and fangs. They have not only been exposed, but they are backed into a corner and have nothing left to lose.

They incriminate themselves every day, and as QAnon has said, why interfere with the enemy when they are in the process of destroying themselves?

Obviously, the positive Alliance does not want panic and chaos in America, so it’s a very fine line to walk to curtail the activities of the deep state, prevent false flag events such as the gas explosions in Mexico, educate the public to the true situation, and not provoke a 9/11-scale event.

We all need to do whatever we can to keep things under control, share information, remain calm, and prepare for the worst, but expect the best. Whatever your weapon of choice—email, iPad, phone, mouse or keyboard… we can do this.

To stay abreast of important developments, get informed analyses of the news and headlines and the latest real intel from the front lines you won’t hear anywhere else, tune in to Thomas Williams’ “Truth, Honor & Integrity Show” tomorrow night, Thursday, at 7:30 EST/4:30 Pacific. Listen live on or at the Think Different website.  ~ CB





5 thoughts on “Captain’s Blog: Star Date 583445.07

  1. how thoughtful of you to have this back up molly. I could not get on your the other site so I tried this and voila.
    alexandra occasional-cortez must have a heart attack hearing about the change in Venezuela, since she is pushing for socialism where everything is free but has no idea how to finance it. she is sooo smart says US has 500 mill. people ;-))

  2. Cannot access any of y our postings under the starship a message comes up on the browser to say advanced blocking word cannot see any of your postings on that blog..

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