Clarity on Venezuela Situation, Mexico, Haiti, Zimbabwe and Soon… America? [video]

If you don’t understand that the deep state has their own rogue military posing as the American military, you will not make sense of global events. This group answers to the Rothschilds and are not executing the wishes of  President Trump and the Generals.

The following will provide some clarity, but due to the 5D chess game in progress, we will not always understand or be able to make sense of current events regardless—and that’s okay.

Often things that look one way, are actually something entirely different, or even the opposite. The world has been run by imposters, and ousting them is not an easy task—or a fast one.

I believe the Alliance has things well in hand—as much as possible—but it is key to educate as many patriots as possible as to the reality of things.

I am sharing the following excerpt from a recent update show from Thomas Williams.

More videos available here.

As Thomas says, their plan is to cut down to a trickle… gas, oil, etc. to the People, and executing this in January and February, the coldest months in North America could be deadly, rather than a mere inconvenience, so keep that in mind.

The recent strangling of gasoline supplies in Mexico had tragic results that could not be stopped, although some planned events there were thwarted by the Alliance.

It’s important to note that since the deep state controls the weather, they can plunge any area—even tropical ones—into the deep freeze at will.

Let’s hope today’s update on the situation in Venezuela is a good thing.  ~ CB

Brazil’s Bolsonaro joins several S. American states in recognizing Guaido as Venezuela’s acting head

The intel:

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