Headlines & Updates for January 23, 2019: Patriots in Control [videos]

Pelosi goes head to head with President Trump. I don’t understand why the President of the United States needs the approval of the Speaker to deliver an address to the American people who overwhelmingly elected him—particularly in an unstable time with a government shutdown—the longest in US history.

Sean Hannity on Fox News says he does NOT. So… this is about optics.

Pelosi tells Trump no State of the Union on Tuesday

Trump’s response to Pelosi, amongst other issues discussed. There is much progress behind the scenes that the Trump administration doesn’t get credit for outside the alternative media.


An insider at the Vatican gave Betsy and Thomas this confirmation.


An infusion of positivity and lighthearted banter.



Dave’s updates and analyses are key in understanding what is unfolding, in my opinion.

Control, The Important Ingredient That The [DS] & [CB] Don’t Have – Episode 1773a

Insurance Activated, Playing Out As Planned, Blocking/Protecting Will Fail – Episode 1773b


In case you are new… Canadian alt news… with some good news


Have you been wondering what became of “Frazzledrip”—the appalling video from the dark web leaked to show Hillary and Clinton and Huma Abedin engaging in the most unspeakable, satanic acts against children imaginable? One of these days… because people are losing patience.

FBI Agents Threaten To Release Weiner/Hillary Laptop Evidence

5 thoughts on “Headlines & Updates for January 23, 2019: Patriots in Control [videos]

  1. Appears to be riffs developing
    between political cronys

    They might have heard
    Pelosi was willing to blow them up
    along with POTUS

    What happens when
    the 10% tasked with removing
    the other 90% find out
    they too are expendable?

  2. I am unable to post a comment on Starship BP in relation to Cobra’s mass meditation. I am a follower (still) of Starship and a member of Thomas Williams THI and came across the following comment for tonight’s THI show: “I realize that Cobra is a cabal person and stopped following him a few years ago. But this came to my attention, his most recent one. And I think even the cabal for cosmic spiritual law free will reasons, must put truths out, even if there’s trickery and word games included too. I remember hearing Thomas a few spreaker shows ago, saying how ithe next few years, we will all have to leave the coasts and go inland. Therefore Cobra saying here a 1 mile high tsunami will be happening as a result of crustal things as a result of the pole shift, ties in here.” What do you think about this? Can you verify whether or not he is a cabal person?

    1. Starship blog is not cooperating, sorry. I don’t know 100% who is who, but I have my suspicions. Cobra has not done anything much to cause me concern, so I’m just biding my time. Some people were taken in by the dark, and we don’t know the situation. Some have also been taken over by the dark/soul swapped, perhaps, so it’s complicated. Cobra also said this cataclysmic stuff wouldn’t be happening for quite some time, didn’t he? So we don’t need to be concerned right now. We have more pressing matters to attend to. It will all come out in the wash, Regina.

      1. Thanks so much, I really appreciate your input. I have the utmost respect for you, your hard work and the truth you bring out. The same respect I have for Thomas. You’re right, it is very complicated, there’s no doubt about that. It’s exhausting at times. Silly me, I thought the spiritual war would be over by now – too much pain and suffering going on and I’m an empath, sometimes it takes my breath away, especially what is happening to the children – I can’t stand it and all the threats, false flag attacks, etc. This insane evil dark shit has got to stop.

  3. Heads up. Just listened to Thursday’s 1-24 THI Show. Thomas called out Cobra’s last blog supporting Annabelle which is another Cabal financial system they’ve been trying to implement. Thomas said he hinted in Dec 2016 that he noticed a change in Cobra – it is not the same one.

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