The Truth About QAnon Simplified | Truth & Art TV [video]

Is there anything good about war? I would have to say yes. In this case, one of the best things about the current battle Humanity find itself embroiled in is our ability to see the Big Picture—and that’s what we’ve always been after.

This journey we are taking together is hazardous and fraught with booby traps and danger; misinformation and disinformation; psyops and mind games and subterfuge to hide the truth. Imposters pretend they are on our side while hiding their true agenda.

The evil ones’ greatest tool  has been lies and obfuscation. They excel at it, and since they now control all the corporate media and entertainment—they control minds. They rewrote books and changed history; they lied about us, our origins and who we are. They changed time itself.

I could go on and on about the deception and betrayal, but I want to give logical people an opportunity to consider one of the biggest hurdles in understanding and fighting the war for our liberation.

There’s a superb video below this post if you want to skip the preamble and get right to it.

Knowing that lies and coverups are an effective tool historically to lead us down the wrong path, we want to be on our guard all the time to expose the many pitfalls so we aren’t fooled again.

Do it QQAnon has been the centre of a theatre of war since the beginning of President Trump’s entrance on the world stage.

I did my research and believed that a negative faction had taken over the 4Chan/8Chan “boards” previously used by Cicada 3301 to mislead us. That’s how it looked.

I am open-minded, however, and I did watch events unfold, and as my view of President Trump improved with the undeniable, positive changes he was making and his raging popularity at rallies, I couldn’t deny that he may have had an affiliation with QAnon.

Q said that not everyone was on board with their mission initially but that they would be.

It would have been so easy to jump on board the Q train as many had, but I was well aware of the trickery of the opposition and I needed proof in my own mind that the QAnon phenomenon really was what it seemed.

As with so many things, new information led to a change of opinion. Q’s role was confirmed multiple times until I could come to no other conclusion than QAnon was part of President Trump’s inner circle.

I felt they were protecting him AND educating us and telling us that there are those who are fighting this war for us so it doesn’t get bloody. That is my opinion thus far.

It doesn’t mean we play no part in it—as Q has clearly told us when to step into the roles we came here to play and Fight! Fight! Fight!

I completely understand that some people are so afraid of being duped again that they cannot put their faith in anyone telling them positive things are happening behind the scenes and that the good guys have things under control.

Under the circumstances, that is a survival mechanism. “Trust no one!” I used to say that, and while I embrace that to the fullest, I have found the ability to trust a few parties in the alternative media almost as much as I trust myself. That’s saying a lot.

Do I drop my guard entirely and buy into everything they say? No. I still think for myself—and that is what QAnon told us we must do.

The flow of information in this war ebbs and flows and while we can’t be everywhere on the beach to greet every wave, I believe we will be guided to what we need to know and who we can rely on for the best guidance.

GOOD_vs_EVIL struggle.jpg

I am not religious by any stretch of the imagination, but I do perceive a spiritual aspect to our existence and our situation. Some things are not accidents, and there are very few real coincidences. Those are usually “synchronicities”.

We are still here despite all odds, and we have been awarded tools and positive Beings to help us rid this planet and the solar system of the most evil darkness that ever befell Creation.

The war will not be won by retaliating to the enemy in kind. If that were the strategy, we probably would NOT still be here to tell the tale. History would have repeated and total annihilation would have resulted.

I believe one of the the most important aspects of this liberation—and the one that means it will take longer—is the fact that we have to be better than the enemy. We are not alone in Creation and there are Universal Laws of conduct that demand we do not stoop to their level. Many eyes are watching.

Cunning and a positive intent to bring Light back to our planet for the highest good of all concerned is the code of ethics. This is all going down in history, and our future evolution depends on our conduct now.

It’s not about destruction, it’s about preservation and restoration. It’s about peace and love. We are the antitheses to the forces that have ruled this planet for eons.

Left to our own devices we are not greedy and war-like. We were too trusting, and paid the price. Many have paid the ultimate price and we fight now to honour them.

Trump remain calm patriots in control

Once upon a time Humanity was good and lived in harmony with nature. We have lost most of what was good because the dark dragged us down to their level where we remained mired in the black, sticky sludge of their gutter. They weaponized everything and used us to serve their dark, predatory ways. They will do anything to preserve that lifestyle.

Multiple positive forces stepped in with a plan for a last ditch effort to liberate Humanity as peacefully and safely AND HONOURABLY as possible. A key strategy required that Humanity awaken to the bitter reality that they are prey; essentially livestock.

That was one of the early objectives of QAnon. First they needed a “face man” to be the public figure in our existing structure to lead the People and assure them important changes were happening to restore the Republic of America. They recruited Donald Trump. Call it delivering us from evil, if you like the biblical sense. That is why he is so relentlessly attacked.

What has transpired in our favour in just over two years is miraculous. Two years sounds like a long time—but how fast it went! Knowing what we now know about the deep state, the Illuminati/New World Order, the ruling El-ites…. is it any wonder that the evil ones tell us to ignore those who are trying to help us?

Bugle Call

It is a dark time when you feel like you are alone and fighting a hopeless war and that no matter what you do, it will only get worse. We have powerful forces on our side, but the enemy wants us to feel alone and beaten. QAnon gave the Patriots hope—and look what happened. Instinctively, millions responded. They heard the call.

Across the world Human Beings suddenly got it. A light came on, shone on the enemy for the first time for many, and they decided they did not consent to being ruled and consumed any longer. They rejected slavery and peacefully let their oppressors know things were going to change.

Unfortunately, the slave masters—despite pleas from positive forces to step down and allow Humanity to be free, to enjoy technologies and good health and abundance were flatly rejected and some violence and bloodshed has ensued. They often attempt to make it look like “natural disasters” and “acts of God”, but they are behind it.

Many Humans have been slaughtered and more chaos and suffering is planned, but those fighting for us are working hard to prevent it. Foiling attempts to assassinate Donald Trump probably keeps them busy.

q sent us army

Knowledge is power, and the greatest gift QAnon gave us IS knowledge; the truth about the recent past that we could verify for ourselves, and the fact that they’ve got our backs. Now QAnon is attacked, and it’s so transparent.

Patriots everywhere saw what was happening in America that many Americans did not. They said, Trump is the bomb! Q is the bomb! We want some of that! Screw Merkel. Screw Macron. Screw May. We want to be free and we want a leader like President Trump. They rose up and began to do what they could on their own.

Last night Thomas Williams listed about 20 countries where the Yellow Vests have been protesting unconstitutional and inhumane circumstances and when he got to the end of it he had to ask the obvious question: Where is America on that list?

What is holding back America? Expecting too much too soon is a rookie error. It’s understandable because we are civilians, most of us. We are not trained or experienced in the art of war. At this point we have to trust that those who are can pull this off according to The Plan.

trump storm

It’s up to us individually to accept or reject the fact that The Plan exists and how this liberation is executed. These are extraordinary times demanding extraordinary measures. This war will not look like any other. Neither the soldiers nor the weapons are like any others before in history.

It’s easier now for folks to see that President Trump was true to his word, and despite the daily battles with those who fight ruthlessly to retain control, he is exposing them and shutting them down.

Looking at it from Q’s side, they are in the position of training and guiding civilians for the first time—and anonymously. They have never done that before, and I feel they’ve done an admirable job because we can’t see them or get an energetic reading from their physical presence or even a photo.

Regardless of the innate challenges of the novel strategy, information is easier to see and find and reality is shifting. We don’t accept the false reality presented by the legacy media any longer. We know without a doubt it is a weapon of the enemy. QAnon drilled that into our heads, in case we didn’t get it.

QAnon also revealed election rigging. It’s right in front of our faces and the positive Alliance allowed it to happen in the mid-terms so there would be no doubt in the minds of Americans that this tactic is real.

The globalists used it in nearly every election to keep their evil puppets in key positions so they can continue the legacy in the government to represent their own interests rather than ours.

Hillary halloween witch

Possibly the most important work Qanon engaged in was delicately informing us that Humans are prey and that our slave masters perform unspeakable acts in the darkest recesses of civilization as part of their lifestyle.

We learned demonic entities exist and fight to retain supremacy here. We learned this despicable evil crashes our civilian jetliners at will and controls our minds.

QAnon has been a key, driving force in this epic war for a race of people who collectively didn’t even know they were under attack. Many still don’t.

With all the evidence we have that the Q team has advance knowledge of events, if some still believe that they are some gamer’s idea of a joke, that’s up to them. They have their life to live. The wisdom displayed by the QAnon team does not spring from youth or naivité.

Those of us focused on learning the facts, understanding the reality, establishing what we can best do to help ourselves and the rest of Humanity out of this mess can see the map laid out by President Trump and QAnon.

We don’t waste time going from blog to website to video trashing those who attack us. We don’t need to expend precious energy responding in kind. We just share the truth and expose the lies.

Millions of oppressed Humans from pole to pole and sea to sea understand exactly what The Great Awakening that QAnon spoke of is.

We Are Human

The Yellow Vests know they are part of it, and they are inspired by the knowledge of who the enemy is; that positive forces are helping them; and that if we rise together we can execute the most epic victory for good over evil that has ever been achieved in modern times.

It’s heady stuff, and those of us who see the Big Picture probably won’t stop trying to help others see the miraculous event unfolding via very unorthodox means due to shrewd minds willing to sacrifice themselves for us and our planet; but also help us to help ourselves.

In a way it’s very freeing to suddenly realize you don’t need to doubt QAnon and the gift from Heaven that our current liberation is. It’s happening… faster and faster and more and more visibly every day.

On days like today, before I can publish a headline, another one comes in stating the opposite. Things are developing and changing at lightning speed now.

The role of QAnon was to educate Americans (first) so that as the Plan unfolded, they would understand what was going to happen and why, and would not revolt or engage in a bloody civil war.

To that end, Bernie at Truth and Art TV brings us a skillfull video from March 2018 about the origins of QAnon, who they are, why they used this method, and the incredible job they did of alerting the sleeping to the fact they needed to seize their weapons and fight back against an unseen enemy—peacefully and honourably.

Since this was produced, it’s even easier to see the results as that snowball trundles down the mountain, gathering momentum—and a lot of Patriots along with it.  ~ CB


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