Headlines and Updates for January 27, 2019: Long Row to Hoe [videos]

Some things we might want to keep in mind for the future when we vote in our representatives… very SHORT TERM LIMITS,  and NO LAWYERS OR FORMER CIA, FBI OR ALPHABET people. No SES. Get a fresh start. Anyone who doesn’t work out will be ousted in short order. And how about a probationary period? Perform out of the gate—or else.

These actors had their chances to serve their country and most either worked against us out of greed or were compromised via blackmail. It’s time for them to move on, move out, and give fresh patriots an opportunity to rebuild through service to others, not service to self.

That way, we will also find it easier to abandon the old ways that didn’t work and strike out into new, virgin territory. We can use honest NSA, military intelligence and people of that nature on a consulting basis, but they would not have the power to be policy-makers, to write bills, or lobby in any way.

People who seem to have all the answers might very well be laying the groundwork for just one more takeover/coup. Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us.  ~ CB

new ways of thinking ants

Following is some interesting stuff that crossed my path… but not necessarily uplifting. If you’ve already reached your “toxic load” of negative information and are tearing your hair out on the brink of despair, skip down to the last video now.

It’s probably time for our cheerleader QAnon to come back and prop us up. Despite the advice to “enjoy the show” and that things are not what they appear, it’s nice to have someone who knows what’s going on toss us a few fresh crumbs.

Not all news is bad,  though, not by any means. I found it very encouraging to listen to a meeting Trump had with his Health & Human Services (HHS) team where they expressed the same frustration with the medical system we all experience with US hospitals being unable/unwilling to tell us what a diagnostic or a procedure will cost—in advance.

They said that is unacceptable; the mandate is for hospitals to put their fee schedule in print on a website people can access with any device to compare pricing and see what percentage of those fees would be covered by insurance so patients can shop around if they choose. The secretary said sometimes you just have to remove the wrist band and go and seek out better care and pricing and it is our right to do that.

They also confirmed they have worked to bring the outrageous cost of prescription drugs down for the first time in 50 years.

Head in Hands

The current events challenge us to remain positive, however.

Natasha indicates that a lot of people are bummed about President Trump’s speech announcing the end of the shutdown and the dire need for the wall, and many are having difficulty discerning what is going on, she says.

The mockingbird media are acting like Trump agreeing to open the government for three weeks is a victory, somehow. We’ll see how they view it on the other end.

From my perspective, it makes him look good, because not only has he been willing to negotiate all along, (while others are on vacations in Hawai’i and Puerto Rico or on treasonous codels out of the country) Trump is showing he is the one with the best interests of America and the People in mind.

It also allows Pelosi and friends to be (over)confident, drop their guard, and continue doing what they do to incriminate themselves. How long will The Plan allow them to do that? If we only knew.

Simon Parkes indicated we would probably see the government shut down for a couple of months; being related to the reset of the entire government structure.


Thomas Williams told us we may as well refrain from reading or listening to the news at all because we will not be able to make sense of it right now. Good to know.

I’ve heard Mike Pompeo deliver his speech on the reason for the US intervention in Venezuela and understand Putin spoke out against it and now the issue is polarizing many nations who are ‘choosing sides’.

The global situation is disconcerting, but it will improve. I certainly hope circumstances improve for the Venezuelan people soon, and in Zimbabwe, as well. So much carnage—and in this war, innocent civilians bear the brunt of it.

The positive Alliance addressing too much, too fast, might unleash the full fury of the globalists’ remaining armies and Pandora’s box of covert weaponry on Humanity. It requires adhering strictly to the strategy with course corrections where needed to keep The Plan on track.

I am confident we’ve been told as much as we safely can be told in any given moment. They have to keep the enemy so confused they don’t know what’s up, so we will be in the same boat. That is why they told us to “trust the plan”.

‘President’ Pelosi Uses Eight Pens in Signing Ceremony for Bill to Reopen Government

Yes, Nancy Pelosi indulged in her own bill signing with umpteen pens and much pomp and circumstance, acting out her presidential fantasy with the media present and glorifying it all.

The histrionics is beyond nauseating, but it’s probably the dementia. She really thinks she’s on par with President Trump and these delusions of grandeur are as close to the presidency as she will ever get.

pelosi president ceremony


Les Gilet Jaunes continued in their 11th week of protests in France, with no sign of letting up, despite Rothschild puppet Macron claiming he is listening and will not allow the same fate to befall him as Louis XVI. He is well aware of the historic, “Off with their heads” and we will see just how eager the globalists are to listen and make concessions, lest history repeat.

French President Macron vows not to follow Louis XVI to the guillotine

Yellow is the night: Gilets Jaunes now plan to stage nocturnal protests every week

Eleven weeks into protests, the Yellow Vest movement shows no sign of abating. The unyielding demonstrators rallying against President Emmanuel Macron’s reform agenda now staged their first night protest in Paris.

Today, Sunday, we have “red scarf” protests in Paris denouncing the Yellow Vest violence. In truth, we understand the Yellow Vest movement IS peaceful, and as is the case with most protests that wax violent, it’s either the establishment or their agents provocateurs who are violent and seriously harm and even kill peaceful demonstrators.

‘Red Scarves’ demonstrate in Paris, denouncing Yellow Vests violence


NATO never rests. New military threats may emerge if we’re not vigilant.

Emergence Of A European Army- France and Germany Call for Formation


The House never rests, either.

US House votes overwhelmingly to bar US exit from NATO


The drama over the obvious theatrics with the arrest of Roger Stone continue to dominate the I-waves.

PressTV: Jim Fetzer v. Carl Unger on Roger Stone and the Russia Hoax


We have ongoing unexplained events from Secureteam with a massive sink hole in California, UFOs/USOs and beams… never a dull moment in our little Terra-rium.

The scary part comes at the end when Tyler speaks of YouTube/Google’s new policy and 1984 algorithms to filter out “conspiracy” material. More on that censorship below.


Dan Dicks of Press for Truth expounds on the next phase of the Orwellian censorship tactic which will no doubt have an impact on the Truth News community and it’s not looking good.

We have to get rid of Big Tech. They have no right to police information. There are far too many programmed people who automatically go to Snopes, Wikipedia and CNN for their reality check.

Don’t tell us what to do, and don’t tell us what to think. If you let them get their foot in the door they will bring in the other foot and next thing you know they’re all in, and you’re trapped inside with them.

CENSORSHIP Wins This Round As YouTube Now Deems Conspiracy Videos “BORDERLINE CONTENT”


There is more than enough evidence of the multitude of experiments the Nazi military industrial complex has performed on not only Americans, but Humanity in general and which also affect wildlife.

Many technologies could be used to improve the Human condition, but the control freaks always find a way to weaponize them and use them against us—for more control, and/or to facilitate their depopulation agenda AND cause misery and suffering.

Finally Admitted! “New” Tech Can Beam Voices Directly into Your Head


To end on a lighter note…

I agree with Lionel. It never gets old. I was shocked when Trump said it then, and I still can’t believe he said it. Trump’s my man.

You can tell a skilled, pathological liar when the fact they should be in prison is revealed on national television and they gloss over it with a glib response because they know it and they’re so used to it. The disgust on Trump’s face and in his voice said as much as the words themselves. I knew at that point it was game on.

What people don’t understand is what is taking so long for the move to arrest Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, John Podesta, John Brennan, Dick Cheney, Joe Biden, James Clapper, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Huma Abedin, and all the rest. We know there is a Plan; we just don’t know what it entails… and so… we wait.

I happened to see an illustration for my urgings to not just make America great again, but MEGA: Make Earth Great Again. I thought MEGA was my idea, but I should have known someone else already thought of it years ago.

Earth will be great again once we eliminate the evil vermin that have plagued it and us for so long, but it’s a long row to hoe.  ~ CB

make earth great again heart



6 thoughts on “Headlines and Updates for January 27, 2019: Long Row to Hoe [videos]

  1. Canada is a safe haven for terrorists

    They have been turning
    northern border states Dimm
    through voter fraud
    considering the obviously inappropriate characters
    who make it

  2. pride comes before the fall for this Pelosi entity.
    red scarves were worn by communist youth in DDR and Russia. in France it helps to devide the people.
    NATO is Rothschilds privat army and we are paying for it. that’s why Trump
    should get out. Germany has a desastrous army. not enough soldiers no one wants to join anymore,
    the equipment is old and not usable. they have to rent helicopters. Merkel
    had to fly domestic to Argentina. they are a laughing stock now. no fear, they are
    no threat to anyone not even with the french army, least of all to Russia.

  3. Speach from Pompeo…the industrial military complex might have another plan in Pentagons drawers.
    Kurt Walter Tidd, Admiral with german past, like Mueller and many others there think war. POTUS and his group have to be extra careful. the world is not aware of the split in the US yet. Putin knows when he says not to interfere.

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