Actionable: Police Petition to Remove Nancy Pelosi

Make it so, folks! Time is of the essence. There are already 81,000 signatures as of right now and the goal must be achieved by February 18th.

This petition notification/link will no doubt be messed with by Google’s algorithms so work hard at getting it out there on social media and everywhere you can! Email it! Meme it! Reblog it!

Do something.
Sign the petition to Impeach Nancy Pelosi. We need 100,000 signatures in 30 days in order for this petition to get a response from the White House. We need The People to take a stand and send a message that we will not tolerate this type of political corruption any longer. With everyone’s support, we can then move to the next level. It’s time.

Sign, verify, and make a difference by clicking here.

Thanks for the heads up, Number One.  ~ CB

3 thoughts on “Actionable: Police Petition to Remove Nancy Pelosi

  1. Just saying “no” to everything, or not trying is not negotiating, it’s showboating. Nancy has stood with illegals over Americans for 12 years now, is slovenly about her district and should not be in congress.

  2. Remove Her and prosecute for her Treasonous Acts and putting all Americans and Law Enforcement Officers in harm’s way. She is NOT working for the US LEGAL Citizens, she is working for Mexico and other Countries!

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