Benjamin Fulford Geopolitical Update for January 28, 2019

There are many opinions about what the Venezuela activity is all about, and its expected outcome, and many agendas—both positive and negative. The goal of the Alliance is to free the People and render the cabal impotent but it’s a long road fraught with hairpin turns and cliff-hangers. Keep an open mind and hang onto your shorts!

If you’re new to the Truth Movement and mired in confusion, don’t despair. It’s beyond complicated, little is straightforward and most of it is upside down and inside out. Relax, and it will become clearer as events unfold.  ~ CB

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Cabal Venezuelan oil grab fails; U.S. corporation bankruptcy looms


The battle for the planet Earth is intensifying as the satanic ruling Western cabal is cornered, dangerous, and literally fighting for its life.  The cabal are now fighting desperately to stay in power by stealing the oil reserves of Venezuela, because they are doomed if they lose control of the financial system and thus their ability to hire protection.

More and more whistleblowers are coming out and confirming that they really do torture and murder children, and continue to try to murder the majority of the Earth’s population.

For example, the British newspaper The Guardian is now confirming what we have long been reporting, which is that HIV/AIDS was deliberately spread in an attempt to depopulate Africa.

Years ago we reported that a Dr. Michael Meiring told us that he, together with polio vaccine pioneer Dr. Jonas Salk, participated in the spreading of HIV by inserting it into polio vaccines given to 2 million Africans.

The initial geography of the breakout of HIV/AIDS in Africa corresponds precisely with the geography of the polio vaccination campaign.  We will not get into it again here in detail, but we assure you that ebola, SARS, avian influenza, etc. were also deliberately spread as a part of this depopulation agenda.

We are also hearing from more whistleblowers who describe how members of the Western ruling elite sacrifice children as part of their worship of Ba’al, otherwise known as Moloch, Set, Satan, etc.  We will discuss a couple of the latest gruesome revelations below, but first let us look at the ongoing global power struggle.

In their latest gambit, the satanic Khazarian mafia is now trying to preserve its control of the petrodollar-based financial system by seizing the oil reserves of Venezuela.  Self-described Satanist Leo Zagami is calling on all Freemasons to back “opposition leader Freemason Juan Guaido” as president fighting for “Freemasonry and Christianity,” against the communist Pope Francis and the “communist Jesuits.”

Venezuela has 303 billion barrels worth of oil, the world’s largest oil reserves, and its efforts to remove this oil from the Khazarian mafia’s petrodollar system is the real reason for the attempt to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro.

In fact, the failure to overthrow Maduro is a “fall of the Berlin Wall” type of moment for the Khazarian mafia.  As Pentagon sources explain, “the Neocon coup against Maduro failed, as the U.S. military, the Vatican, Mexico … (to be continued later this week, per Ben’s request)

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Photo credit for the header image: LUIS ROBAYO | AFP | Getty Images

4 thoughts on “Benjamin Fulford Geopolitical Update for January 28, 2019

  1. I have been down the rabbit whole and it was nasty but this made me sick,
    not of envy but only from disgust. a must see for every slave of the empire of dragons
    preferably on TV on prime time. no wonder I had an aversion of dragons and snakes of the alien races that invaded our beautiful planet. can’t wait to leave the 3rd dimension
    along with her.

    Satan’s Celebrity Apprentice: The Real Game of Thrones Revealed on Camera

  2. CB

    The other month
    Kerry was interviewing Simon
    about the closed observatory(s)

    She started to cough and Simon
    stepped up to say that
    dark magicians were doing
    something to her throat

    Also possible that she
    smoked a blunt

    Either way

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