Did President Trump “Cave” to the Democrats? You Decide [videos]

Some say President Trump made an error in closing down the government—even a partial shutdown. They think reopening it for three weeks, temporarily, as he stated, means he capitulated to Nancy Pelosi. She certainly did.

Are you on the fence? If it really matters, you may wish to explore other opinions to determine if this was a successful strategy by the “maestro” or a failed one.

What I see is a cosmic chess game. I don’t play chess, but I’m sure even masters make bad moves occasionally. The consequences can be deadly. This is a sudden death chess game in some respects, with the fate of our planet hanging in the balance.

Are you aware Trump was a master strategist at Military college? He’s also a master chess player and taught his son, Barron, to play. Is it an accident that Donald Trump is President of the United States at this point?

You can decide all this for yourself.

First, if you don’t mind reading, consider this analysis from SerialBrain2.

Sean Hannity mentioned caving around the 6:32 mark after illustrating that even other Democrats want the wall but won’t say so to Pelosi and Schumer, and that Democrats have historically and publicly said a barrier is mandatory for national security—until President Trump made it part of his campaign platform.

Dave also addressed the President’s decision to reopen the government temporarily in his X22 Reports last night and the strategy he sees therein.

[CB] [DS] Planned Reversed, Patriots Are In Control – Episode 1776a


Boxed In, No Escape, Watch, Everything Is About To Change, Wait For It – Episode 1776b

If you missed it, here is a link to the petition to impeach Nancy Pelosi. We have until February 17 to get 100,000 signatures.

If we’re successful, the “maestro” can decide how to use our move to further his game.  ~ CB

One thought on “Did President Trump “Cave” to the Democrats? You Decide [videos]

  1. We know from Thomas Williams that the wall has been funded by the Trust. So the shutdown and all the show is NOT about the wall. We don’t know what actually is going on. According to TW the news just won’t make any sense to us at the moment. Sung Tzu says: Appear weak when you are strong. So, Trump MAY appear weak but he is anything but. We don’t know his plans and that’s alright with me. Q has been quiet and that usually means plans and ops are unfolding. So I just do what Q keeps telling us all the time: ENJOY THE SHOW!!!! Because THAT is actually what’s happening at the moment : A show/ theater/play/movie.
    I don’t get people who jump off the Trump train so quick without thinking and consideration. Trust the plan!! Trust Trump or GTFO!

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