Lawyer Prepares Libel Suit Against Maligners of Covington Students

It’s great to see someone standing up for these kids and teaching them they don’t have to take this crap. The lies uncovered by some simple journalistic research reveals just how fake mainstream media news is, and what a hate-filled spin it typically has.  ~ CB

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Lawyer Robert Barnes named several celebrities and media personalities he intends to sue for libel against some students of the Covington Catholic High School, whom he represents.

In a Jan. 26 Fox News interview, Barnes specifically mentioned Reza Aslan, Iranian-American writer and commentator; Matthew Dowd, ABC News political analyst and former chief strategist for the George W. Bush campaign; actor Michael Rapaport; and The New York Daily News.

The trial lawyer took up the students’ case after media and social media whipped up a storm maligning the Kentucky students over their encounter with several Native American activists following the Jan. 18 March for Life in Washington.

Much of the initial coverage of the incident used short video clips that made it look like the students were chanting and cheering in mockery of Native American activist Nathan Phillips, 64. As longer videos from the scene document, the students, who were waiting for their bus near the Lincoln Memorial, started cheering and chanting school chants to drown out offensive remarks being made by a small group of Black Hebrew Israelites nearby. Some of the students were wearing hats with President Donald Trump’s campaign slogans, such as “Make America Great Again.”

While Phillips told media outlets that the students harassed him, it was he who approached them, inserted himself into their crowd, and, for several minutes, banged his drum within inches of the face of one of the students, Nick Sandmann, who responded by standing silently with a smile.

Rancorous Response

The picture of Sandmann and Phillips looking at each other was plastered all over social media.

“Honest question. Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?” Aslan said in a Jan. 19 tweet—a comment he hasn’t reconsidered.

“Folks, let us not let these kids, their parents, and their school off the hook. Regardless of what led up to this, this is awful,” Dowd said in a Jan. 21 tweet, sharing one of the shortened videos of the incident posted by CNN political analyst April Ryan.

“Libel. Lies. Retract & correct, or get sued,” Barnes replied on Jan. 21. Dowd has neither retracted, nor corrected.

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