David Wilcock Update on Arrests, Tribunals and Cabal Takedown for February 3 [videos]

If you listened to Simon Parkes and Benjamin Fulford’s conversation recently, you heard them say they believe the tribunals should be publicized so the awakened community knows that justice is being/has been done and that these sickos aren’t walking the streets among us any longer. I couldn’t agree more.

David explains that there is a faction of the military intelligence group that believes it needs to remain secret—at least until some point in the future. Sounds like the Secret Space Program people.

We want full disclosure of EVERYTHING. No one gets to decide to keep secrets from us. As always, people will, on an individual basis, decide what they can assimilate and will take it in gradually in their own time.

You have to hear the tale of John of God/John of Hell. More tales from the dark side. Of course there is black magic and these dark wizards know how to use it to intimidate.  ~ CB

David Wilcock: Deep State Tribunals Underway, Tree-Fall Synchronicity

David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos (OFFICIAL)
Published on Feb 3, 2019

The Deep State Tribunals have now begun in several locations, according to various insider accounts. David and Elizabeth Wilcock had a huge tree fall in their yard as they were both writing about this civilization-defining change in their own way.

David gives mission-critical updates about the in-process defeat of the Deep State and the energetic process that goes along with it — regarding the Fall of Kings. Right as these articles were being prepared, two huge trees fell into their yard, destroying the fence and nearly breaking the windows. David sees this as a powerful synchronicity and affirmation that we are indeed in “the time of times!”

David’s website: http://divinecosmos.com
Elizabeth’s site: http://elizabethwilcock.com

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