Move Over Neil deGrasse Tyson: Here’s the REAL Top Astronomer and He Knows… [video]

It’s time to get real. There is overwhelming evidence that we are not alone in the Universe and every government on the planet knows it. Some of them (like Russia) share it with their people but not in America. No, the lies and coverups rage on in the West.

We’re sick of the fake experts such as disinfo agent Neil deGrasse Tyson (like a 3-part name equals credibility) telling us in North America what our reality is from an entertainment standpoint.

Space isn’t about entertainment, it’s about who we are and where we’re going. The disinformation is designed to tell us nothing, keep us small, and discourage conjecture and research.

It also prevents the unsuspecting from realizing our true history on Earth and what forces shaped what is happening in front of our eyes today that most inhabitants cannot see because their beliefs colour their world and filter what is unfolding.

Who the hell do you think has been running this planet, people? Do you really think Humans wanted it this way? Do you think our maker planned this terror and degradation?

Starvation… pollution… murder… endless, senseless war… suicide… drugs… disease and suffering? Police shooting unarmed people and their family dogs? Prosecuting people for collecting rainwater on their own property? Making it legal to kill a baby at any point up to immediately after it leaves the womb if you decide you don’t want it?

This is all madness. It’s pure evil, and it is not who Humans are.

In the grand scheme of Creation, isn’t this a situation that should be purged and eradicated? Isn’t that what “the great flood” was about?

Earth is no longer a Garden of Eden, folks. It’s a mess, and a massive operation is underway to eliminate the dark forces that have rendered our planet and our civilization almost unrecognizable.

The aliens they don’t want you to know about invaded our planet millennia ago.

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Take off the blinders and pay attention to the real experts like Professor Avi Loeb. A brave man.

We’re sick of the ridicule, the lies, the coverups; the lame efforts by NASA to show us just how far space exploration has come when it’s truthfully so far beyond what they’re officially showing us withe their pathetic CGI it’s criminal.

President Trump is the first Western leader to even hint at the reality, and that was for a specific purpose. There already is a “space force” and he’s a big target, as is the career astronomer introduced below who put his reputation on the line to state the truth. This is “disclosure”. See it for what it is.

Look at the counter on this video at YouTube; over 305,000 views and climbing FAST and Tyler just uploaded it yesterday. People are interested. They want reality. Many are seeking because intrinsically they know a deeper truth.

This is an important video from Secureteam about the adamant demands by Avi Loeb, top-ranking astronomer and astrophysicist at Harvard to pay attention to the research.

I hope folks are preparing for some astounding news in the near future that will take us from an “alone on a planet” mentality to “Avatar” virtually overnight.  ~ CB

DEFIANT ASTRONOMER: “Alien UFO Near Jupiter – Prove Me Wrong!”

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