Our Missing History: Mud Floods, Giants, Free Electricity, Depopulation, and Lies [videos]

What the people running this planet have done to maintain their iron grip over the population is shocking, and the evidence in the videos below may render you verklempt, as I was.

The sheer greed and ruthlessness is staggering.

We have learned that entire swaths of the population of our planet were fairly recently extinguished.

We see recent advanced cities with free electric power and stunning architecture buried partially or completely under mud. Hence, the “mud flood”.

You will see that it is only the top few stories of buildings that are used in some cases because the bulk of them are under soil. Many have been excavated and the grandeur of these edifices is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

You will see air ships and electric cars. Interesting how the cars disappeared, reappeared again and were squashed in favour of the automobiles that require gas and oil to run.

You will see giant doors, giant guns and giant-sized musical instruments we can’t even lift.

You will see beautiful cities illuminated by street lights, and cities devoid of people. The star forts built worldwide are breathtaking in their design.

To suggest as they have that many of the spectacular buildings were only temporary; built solely for the World’s Fair and then demolished is a real whopper.

You will see the orphan trains they brought to distribute new, young populations to the cities they decimated; children with no memory of how things were, and who would soon forget any other reality existed.

You will see evidence of fireballs or comets some say were directed energy weapons. In some videos we have seen giants that appear to have been turned to stone.

You will see people boating down their streets because the city was completely flooded; cities devoid of trees.

We are seeing evidence of similar cataclysms and extreme weather events now and have been told to prepare. Were they planning another global “reset” to eliminate the dissidents and people who know too much?

I don’t consider it a “coincidence” that Earth seems to be traveling through a “debris field” loaded with “meteorites” again, or experiencing floods, hail, landslides, historic cold and heat, volcanoes, chasms, unprecedented snowfall, fires, tsunamis, earthquakes or any other abnormal events. Is the “grand solar minimum” really causing all of this?

Are there benevolent forces mitigating what the controllers are really trying to unleash on our planet? One has to wonder. I think we’re getting a taste of what they can do if they choose, as threats to those who are working to take them down.

What is plain when we examine the little historical data and images we do have, is that we have been lied to in the most colossal fashion; lies so monstrous many won’t believe it could be done to “intelligent” Human beings. All it takes is a generation or two to change the narrative and drop blocks of history into oblivion.

I do know that no mention of this was in my history books throughout my education; no mention of Tartaria, giants, mud floods, star forts, electromagnetic energy from the ethers for power, electric cars, depopulation or repopulation. No one told us about the murder.

There is enough evidence in the following two videos alone to enable anyone to connect enough dots to see what happened and why.

The knowledge that we will never, ever see or enjoy the advanced, magnificent civilization that came before which you will see in the videos below generates a deep sense of loss from my perspective.  ~ CB


The mud flood Tartaria – Justin Pawlak

24 thoughts on “Our Missing History: Mud Floods, Giants, Free Electricity, Depopulation, and Lies [videos]

  1. Staggering , Staggering yes. The deep vast increible implications of all this. Now it makes more sense to me. Why the Fed Reserve getting set up in 1913 meant so much. I knew it was a bad thing…..but I always reasoned, slavery and central banking and more existed well before 1913. But now im rethinking this and thinking so many Royal Historians past and present and anthropologists, Like Sir Vernon Bogdanor, Mary Beard, and many others too who work with the BBC. ”Constitutional History Experts. Are evil lying t””s, basically. Can we please ad Sir David Attenborough to this list as well please.
    adamspiritualwarrior says:
    February 21, 2019 at 2:22 PM
    ”From 7,000 years ago to the 1900s, Tartarian people mined Keweenaw copper at Michigan, US, to provide raw material for domes and coils throughout the world. Its fusion with tin created the bronze that allowed primitive Europe to enter into the modernity that had existed for a long time in territories of Tartary.
    From the half of the 1900s, the ”Gray Men” would sent their agents to exterminate Tartarians in “New India” (North America)
    Copper ingots used in the Middle East and Europe complex were mined and molted in facilities in the Americas.
    According to American Indian oral tradition, copper was mined by “red haired white-skinned ‘marine men’ who came from across the sea”. And mines of Almaden in Spain, Huancavelica in Peru and New Almaden in California, provided the mercury.
    Copper and tin was used extensively, even in helmets, to power plasma (DEW) weapons and to obtain wireless communication.
    And iron foundries were the backbone of the world industry until they disappeared in the Great 19th century Catastrophe. ”

  2. I disagree with you that we will not see a new life for humanity with inventions that have been surpressed, but i can understand why you would think we do not stand a chance…. The dark for sure is hellishly dark, and life on this planet has many more layers to it that we could have ever dreamt and sadly much of it is very dark, but DARK TO LIGHT 🙂

    1. Who are you to disagree ? Have you even researched it ? Notice the video is missing ? They don`t want you to know the truth. The true history of Earth doco, 5hrs long shows it.

  3. ‘ I also have a feeling that there are locations on this planet not discovered at the moment, and that this Earth is much bigger than we know. A theory I am investigating”

    Randy Maugans ” Read
    F. Amadeo Giannini’s
    “Worlds Beyond the Poles: Physical Continuity of the Universe”, earth as a continual plane.” ”

    1. I would agree with you we have massive lands past the outermost north &south. I watched a video of 4 guys in a fishing boat tried to go far south and was turned around by a navy vessel they would not answer question why

  4. There is a Star Fort in New Mexico at Fort Union National Monument, just slightly sw of the parking lot. If you go to google maps, satellite image you can see the 4 points and indentations of further earthworks as points on the flat sides of the original points. They said that during the civil war the fort was built to protect the end of the Santa Fe Trail depot but it looked much older and no solider could stay in it as it was poorly built and was not stable. The civil war was 1860s and the Santa Fe Trail was used by wagoners going west only 20+ years after that so my thought is that it was a much older fort than only 20 years and Somebody is lying. The Trail ends in that place instead of the Village (at the time) of Santa Fe, 20-30 miles further on to the west around a small mountain range. I’ve thought it was because that open plain had more significance due to the Star Fort ruins than the town did, that far away? Anyway, I though you might like to add this to your expose on Tartaria. I loved your videos and it’s opened a whole new part of history for me. Thank you.

  5. I see you already have a picture of Fort Union in NM, but you didn’t say where is was to give folks the idea of how far west these things went. And that it’s in the middle of no where…..I wonder what else was on that plain. Thanks again.

  6. Thank you so much for digging up this information!! Thomas says that Tartaria is a more recent version of the Rus that he has been talking about.

    All the best, Susan


  7. Gwen,

    These are really cool videos; pictures of beautiful buildings from the past.

    Just wanted to let you know that Louise is really for Kevin Kiley, as opposed to Brian Dahle. She says Brian is a jerk and Kevin has a better voting record and is for keeping the dams; Brian is not. She is having a rally for him at the tea party tomorrow night, if you want to go and find out more.

    All the best, Susan


  8. David Icke has written several books which tie in very well to this subject. One is “And The Truth Shall Set You Free.

  9. The first video regarding the Tartars is all fiction. Genghis Khan (Great King) never existed, neither did the Roman Empire. In fact all of our so-called history was invented during the Renaissance. The Tartarian Empire was something very different to the typical war-like primitives portrayed in the 1st video (which you can still find on Youtube).

    A likely date for the Mud Flood event is The Great Frost of 1740, a record of which only survives in Ireland, but it affected the whole world and lasted for 2 years.

    It took another 100 or so years to recover from it until we had the Great Era of Mass Migration in the 19th century, which was basically the repopulation/reset event. This was partly fuelled by the World Fairs and Great Exhibitions in Europe (which also served to legitimise recovered technology) and also by the exportation and exploitation of convicts, orphans and slaves.

    Many of the buildings that were dug out of the mud still exist today. All were claimed by wealthy tycoons or aristocrats and said to have been built around 1840-1890 in about 3 weeks. Many have also disappeared, or rather been wilfully destroyed. Most historic Great Fires are false beginning with the Fire of London in 1666. They are a vehicle used by the parasitic forces to lay claim to a pre-existing city.

    Beware! “Photoshopping” is nothing new. Trick photography is as old as photography itself. Be as critical of old photos as you would new ones. Many are composite images or multiple exposures designed to prove that these old buildings were constructed in the 19th century. I personally have a collection of some real crackers.

  10. Some of the buildings you show that have “basements” were built that way. It wasn’t that the windows were dug out, they were done that way to allow natural sunlight into the basement floor. I understand that doesn’t explain all the photos.

  11. I’m not sure why but this blog is loading extremely slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

  12. Researching this has changed the way I live my life. It has given me more of a sense of understanding and clarity then anything in my entire life.

  13. Thank you. I have certainly been on a journey today. Many things have never sat right with me. Have you looked into silicon trees at all? How relevant is this do you think with our next great reset, covid , vaccine: intentions of reducing the population yet again. Take care

  14. Can anyone suggest any further reading material on Tartaria for me? I’m just getting into it and want to read up. Thanks!

  15. So the dude in the second video clearly missed a couple obvious things I guess he doesn’t understand how the earth could be 7000 years old as if that is a smaller number than the almost 6 k reported by jews.. I guess he didn’t realize the camping ppl were playin civil war

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