QAnon & Trump Decodes are Mindblowing [videos]

Two master decoders bring us hidden information in both President Trump’s Tweets and QAnon’s breadcrumbs.

It’s a brilliant way of communicating when one can’t come out and simply state the Truth because the legacy media is controlled by the enemy AND most of the world’s citizenry are unaware there even IS a war.

The problem is… most of us don’t think this way. We can learn what to look for, but it’s so complex it would take most of us a long time to get the hang of it.

Fortunately, we have help.

SerialBrain2 puts decodes in writing and publishes them on his or her blog where vloggers pick them up and work their magic to put them into creative visual form, like And We Know channel.

TN Homesteader does his own slide presentations and teams up with vloggers to bring them to the patriot community.

All parties assist us in appreciating the “QAnon Phenomenon” and their link to President Donald Trump and his trusted team.

The effort also makes it crystal clear that Q is no LARP. It’s now officially outside the realm of possibility.

Since we understand a “countdown” has been underway for a few weeks, the clock begs us to make haste. Check them out.  ~ CB

SerialBrain2: Secret Societies: RIP JFK – we will succeed.


ICYMI – TN Homesteader’s Latest Mind-blowing Decode from Last Night’s Broadcast


Is today the day? We understand that disinformation is a common tactic in the information war but can’t help but wonder since so much emphasis has been put on the countdown and the clues certainly seem to point to it.

ICYMI – TN Homesteader Takes His Latest Q Decode a Step Further on Last Night’s Broadcast

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