Answering Questions about Earth’s Exit | Yellow Rose for Texas [video]

Earth’s exit from what?… you might wonder. It’s complicated.

If you give any credence to the information presented in the film “The Matrix”, then you may have an inkling that our world is not as we’ve always been told.

The pat answer is that we exist in a construct. It’s a “prison planet”, and our souls have been trapped here in avatar bodies.

You didn’t think this miserable life of struggle and pain was real, did you? What loving Creator would design a world like that?

Rose goes into more detail of the why’s and how’s of our plight in this video, which I have been eagerly waiting for as I heard she was working on a new one.

Many people have done their best to educate us to the fact that we are living in a false reality. Rose says it’s literally like a “movie”. Everything is recorded—and can and has been rewound, or reset, multiple times. We, as Humans, are heavily manipulated.

Despite having free will, we have very little choice in anything.

I can’t say I understand everything Rose tells us, but over the years the concepts have become clearer and intrinsically I know that we were intended to have and be far better than we currently experience.

Best of all, there is a happy ending to this grotesque, dark reality. It’s coming. We just don’t know when.

Since our reason for being in this holodeck of a life experience is spiritual progression, we are doing our best to raise the frequency of those members of Humanity who wish to move on to greener pastures.

Knowledge is rapidly purging the dark now. The Light is returning, and the harmonics of our planet are improving, raising us all up.

The dark ones do their best to keep us embroiled in war, hate, and destruction but their efforts are more and more transparent and failing miserably. They see the world they created for their own gain crumbling at a record pace.

The unique data Rose brings us deeply resonates with many people, and I recommend a listen to what she has to say.

It’s difficult to explain to Humans some of these concepts because they are new to us but Rose does a good job and amid all the tumult it is a pleasant interlude to get out of the quagmire of politics and war and envision our exit to Eden.  ~ CB

Answering Questions about Earths Exit


6 thoughts on “Answering Questions about Earth’s Exit | Yellow Rose for Texas [video]

  1. I hope you get to read my posting here, your other postings on your wordpress starship , I constantly find I cannot access they have a block on them that appears to come from the wordpress adiminstrator..are you aware of this please?

    1. Sorry for the difficulties, Jane. We have taken steps to relax the filters on our readers and hopefully they will not be hampered any longer. The technology is designed to thwart bots, but it seems it was having difficulty determining who is who. Thank you for the feedback. ~ BP

  2. Why on earth wo uld any soul choose to come here knowing that they would be trapped in the reincarantion cycle and be a prisoner always? it’s insane and the so called game is loaded against us, real or not, suffering when experienced is real enough……

    1. We were tricked into the reincarnation, Jane, as I understand it. There was a reincarnation loop that trapped us. That loop has been removed and now when we pass we go on our spiritual path per our free will.

  3. Hi BP ~

    Thank you for all that you contribute towards in our ascension process. I’ve been following your blog for many years. I believe this is where I first became aware of Dante Santori. I’m sure you are aware he went private with his message from all the trolls. With G+ removed, he’s returned to YouTube for who knows how long.

    Dante also refers to himself as Azazel. Yellowrose mentions at the 19:34 Azazel. I’m curious to your thoughts if this has to do with Dante/Azazel. Some of her info I’m unclear as to what she’s talking about.

    Victory of the Light!




    1. Sorry for the tardy reply, Michele. I don’t get to this blog often. Someone commented on the Starship Earth blog not long ago that there are multiple characters by this name; some not so good, but they felt Dante is a positive force. I’ve no idea, and no inclination as to what is true. Rose is usually fairly accurate is all I can say. Azazel was one of the fallen ones, by some accounts, and not our friend. Time will tell, I guess, but I feel there are many parties posing as positive when they are not.

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