Ship Seen Leaving Mount Shasta & Farewell to a UFO Photographer? [video]

One of these days they are going to have to officially tell the world the truth.

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Alien Ship Seen Leaving Mount Shasta

UFOmania – The truth is out there
Published on Apr 22, 2019
These photographs presented by ufologist Scott Waring are proof that the aliens still live inside the mountain. The witnesses speak of a great light that flew over Mount Shasta, it was in the shape of a cigar. Then the light took off and the object was no longer seen on the mountain.…

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Unfortunately, one of our best sources of real footage is leaving YouTube.

He was known as Eric Gia, but in this final, parting video he explains that YouTube is saying they won’t monetize his videos because he doesn’t speak. That’s just a lame excuse not to pay and/or to get him to remove his material as censorship.

He has added subtitles to the video below to say goodbye and explain.

Eric is deaf, and only speaks French, so for him to provide dialogue for his videos would detract from them. It’s so unfair.

In this video he shows us the specialized photography equipment he used to shoot his own footage. He reminds us that many others who upload UFO footage use the material of others. Eric’s is unique.

He tells us that the aliens are working with the sun to save us. As many of us know, our sun is in a transitional phase and the powers that be are using a “sun simulator” to correct the problem. Yes, we’ve seen the patent and can see that sometimes manifests as a six-sided contraption with a black “eye”. We’ve also seen the sun flashing wildly like a flashlight with a bad connection.

For Eric to use an automated “robo voice” would be difficult for him because he would have to script the videos and translate to English if he wanted the broad audience he has been enjoying to date.

Eric says if he can get paid for his work via PayPal from subscribers he might continue his work. The address is below.

YouTube needs to get their comeuppance—and soon. We don’t like greedy bullies.  ~ CB

Published on Apr 27, 2019

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