SerialBrain | Michelle Obama in Paris During the Notre Dame Fire: Connection to Sri Lanka Attacks [video]

chess puppet counterpane

And We Know has done the current version of the SerialBrain decode and I’m sharing it because it’s so indicative of how the global stage is unfolding.

If only everyone understood the meaning and objectives of all these terrorist attacks they would not be successful.

These control freaks just can’t generate enough misery to satisfy their agenda with their endless satanic rituals and we can’t protect everyone.When we say “all the world is a stage” we mean it quite literally.

These control freaks install their own people in positions of power and influence. They’re actors. Psychopathic, greedy, compulsive-lying actors. There is no honour among these satanic freaks and they delight in preying upon the unsuspecting.

Earth is their chess board and they move characters around at will while disregarding all the rules. In fact, they make up their own—with a different set for we, the peons. Tyranny is their specialty.

They use Humans as their pawns: activating weaponized automatons as it suits them. Sacrificing them to execute the plan. They don’t know what they’re doing because they’re programmed. Mind-controlled.

It’s all an illusion. In their upside-down world of secret societies of families who consider themselves royalty, men are women, women are men and they love to dress up. Hollywood is their lair. Trust no one.

Creatures like this have no place in Creation and have to go. Their time is nigh.

You can read the decodes from SerialBrain at this link.  ~ BP

SerialBrain2: Michelle Obama in Paris during the Notre Dame fire: connection to Sri Lanka attacks

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