Disaster Exercise: Operation OX in Oregon April 30 – May 2 for The Plague

It’s the five letter, 4-letter word… D.R.I.L.L.  These “disaster preparedness exercises” have too often gone live. Be on your toes, everyone.

We already have measles outbreaks in various places on the planet, Ebola has been bandied about in Los Angeles, the migrants coming across the US southern border are said to be carrying numerous contagious diseases, and we don’t know what the psychopaths are planning.

“This is only an exercise.” Yeah, well, so was 9/11. A drill usually precedes most false flag events—and then the drill goes LIVE—taking unsuspecting people by surprise and they don’t respond appropriately because they think it’s fake when it’s real.

And what’s the antidote for the Plague? They’re talking antibiotics. And how are those antibiotics administered? Is it a shot? Sub-lingual? How do we know they’re not poison?  ~ CB

op-ox-logoDisaster Exercise: Operation OX

Statewide Full Scale Exercise April 30 to May 2

The Oregon Health Authority is sponsoring a 3-day disaster training exercise on intentional release of plague. The exercise is focused on rapid distribution of antibiotics.

This is only an exercise. There is no need to call 911 for exercise-related activities in your area.


What is Operation OX?

  • Operation OX (“Oregon’s Exercise”) is a full-scale exercise sponsored by the Oregon Health Authority.
  • The exercise will be held April 30 to May 2, 2019.
  • The exercise is coordinated by the Health Security, Preparedness and Response section (HSPR) at the OHA Public Health Division.
  • The exercise scenario is based on an intentional release of plague at a major event venue in Portland, OR.
  • The exercise will practice the state’s ability to request, receive, distribute and dispense medicines and medical supplies from the Federal Strategic National Stockpile (SNS).
  • All Oregon counties and tribes will participate in the distribution portion of the exercise. Some will conduct additional testing and training activities.
  • This exercise will help ensure we can scale up much of what we do everyday to meet the challenges of a larger event and provide a coordinated response.

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