Our Fake Sky & Why: Irrefutable Proof [videos]

Sky watchers have filmed the most astonishing visuals which indicate the sky we see is not real.

We also get glimpses of reasons why the establishment may have provided this backdrop to hide what is really out there.

That’s quite the technology they have developed—no doubt with taxpayer dollars while our infrastructure on the surface of the planet crumbles and poses serious threats to Humanity.

And not least of all, what is happening beyond the reach of our naked eyes probably accounts at least in part for the extreme weather and catastrophic geological events we are experiencing.

Funny, no one but average citizen journalists are telling us or showing us any of this. No one that we’re aware of in the Western World is breathing a word of it to the public.  ~ CB

Nibiru Makes a Glitch in Matrix & Shows Firmament, Holographic Sky, Fake Star & Grand Solar Minimum


This is spectacular captures from FAA cameras in Alaska.

The final days. Massive planet covers 25% of the sky on FAA weather camera. 4-15-2019


Here’s another one:

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