Are You Ready, Fellow Travelers? Astonishing Sky Footage [video]

They say our mind is like a parachute; that it only works if it’s open.

What do skydivers call it when a parachute doesn’t open? A “mal”. (malfunction). Open your mind, or crash and burn.

If you don’t have an enquiring mind, then don’t watch this video brought to us by Steve at WSO because it defies everything you ever understood about your reality. Ready?


If you watch, we’ll do some relative work, next we’ll track toward the sun set and then mind your altimeter, deploy, and finally… flare-flare-flare!

What a rush! What a ride. Who’s going to pack my chute for the next jump?

Bring it on, Steve.  ~ CB

Most Remarkable Images Ever ++ A Discussion on Immanuel Velikovsky

2 thoughts on “Are You Ready, Fellow Travelers? Astonishing Sky Footage [video]

  1. 15:44 “We are the black sheep of the conspiratorium, make no mistake” if we in any way suggest the possibility ofcosmic upheavals and shuffling of the interplanetary deck as Velikovsky convincingly posited. What are they so afraid we’ll learn if we debate these topics on their merits?

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