This Video Will Shock You To Your Core! Watch Then Share ASAP! —Douglas Ducote Sr. [video]

The mothership gets interference and not everyone can access the blog at Starship Earth so I am duplicating some important posts here.

This is your one mandatory video for today, friends.

It is the proof no one can ignore of the plan to destroy our society. It is disturbing, and I hope disturbing enough that people can no longer ignore it, brush it off, justify it, or forget about it.

For too long America has slept through the advent of evil and allowed it to proliferate and become such a threat that it’s almost too late.

The enemy is within, has already breached our gates, and we’re encouraged to welcome them with open arms. If we say anything negative, we’re labeled “islamophobes”. If something isn’t done, the next label we get may be a toe tag.

This war within America (and Canada) is not yet won, and no distraction is deserving enough to preempt this news. Islamic extremists who consider us infidels are preparing their children to take us out, and to sacrifice themselves to do so.

Islamic extremists

We have already seen that illegal encampment in the New Mexico desert full of arms where they were training children to shoot semi-automatic weapons—for school shootings, they said. One child was discovered there, deceased, if you recall. No big whoop, apparently.

That story faded away without much fanfare and I doubt people understand that there are many camps like that in the desert southwest where illegal aliens are preparing their storyline. The next chapter may not be as benign.

Who would suspect a mere child of walking into a church, a school, a mall, and causing the mass murder of innocent bystanders?

I trust you will share far and wide. See the story he references here or below the video at the link I added.

You may want to turn down the volume a little as Douglas is very angry.  ~ BP

This Video Will Shock You To Your Core! Watch Then Share ASAP!

Douglas M. Ducote Sr.
Published on May 3, 2019
The Muslim American Society Islamic Center is teaching their kids to kill for Allah…right here in America!

SSG. Douglas M. Ducote Sr.
United States Army (Ret.)
CEO Veterans United For Justice
Veteran Law Enforcement
Cohost Real World WitnessJoin me at

Shocking video of children in Philadelphia Muslim Society: ‘We will chop off their heads’ for Allah


2 thoughts on “This Video Will Shock You To Your Core! Watch Then Share ASAP! —Douglas Ducote Sr. [video]

  1. they have warned us already years ago,,they plan to take over the planet
    i believe they are not human

  2. If you truly want to help, Stop creating more hatred, negativity and fear!!!
    What you believe you give it power!!!
    Nothing is at is appears!!!
    The best you can do is awakening to YOUR TRUE SELF.
    Listen and realize with Mooji’s help:

    Watch as many as you can..He is pointing to the TRUTH!
    With Love

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